2017 ENERGY WARS BEGIN 06-23-2017
By Independent Reporter: J. Roberts

Suniva Inc., A Norcross Georgia-based maker of solar panels, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, in mid April of 2017, and it has subsequently filed for a protection petition under Sections 201 and 202 of the US Trade Act of 1974. This petition calls for “global safeguard relief” from imports of crystalline silicon solar PV cells and modules, which it says "have driven the company into bankruptcy". 

If approved, this will likely raise imported and domestically produced solar panel prices up to double or more, their 1st quarter 2017 prices. As of June 23rd 2017, there are already reports of shortages all over the US., as solar panel supply companies , are racing to fill orders they hold, for large utility scale projects, to be built in North America and that were all quoted last year, when imported panel prices, were at their lowest numbers ever. 

“If you have ever thought about buying Solar Panels, “do so today ~ not tomorrow , would be my advice” Said Joe Woodall , Energy Expert and Company Founder at Georgia Adobe Ecoitecture, a alternative home design build company in Commerce, Georgia. 

Woodall went further saying: “Everyone should move now, to acquire inventories for their personal, as well as corporate projects, before the prices go to double or more, due to the shortages of panels in the market domestically ( just as we are seeing today ) and future price increases coming due to this petition to the trade council , that will likely pass soon.  Already now in June, we are seeing price increases domestically,  25% higher in just the last thirty days, all due to large scale purchases and the anticipation of what’s coming soon.  And more price hikes, are expected as early as this coming week, as supplies further tighten. With price increases going up further, we could see average retail prices for home solar systems, going from an average of from perhaps $15,000 up to $30,000 plus, almost overnight and certainly within the next 30 to 60 days there will be major increases not to mention later this year, if this continues – and I see no reason it won‘t !  Also, these new prices won't be coming back down in the future, as it cost so much more to make products here in the United States compared to abroad, so panel prices must be kept higher, to keep our American manufacturing plants open and the imported products, will not be able to be sold under the American made prices - any longer, as set by this petition”.

The Suniva bankruptcy, dramatically demonstrates to us all, that our U.S. solar manufacturing industry, still suffers from unfair trade problems and this petition and others like it, such as the one the lumber industry filed earlier this year, to protect American lumber producers, from ultra low imported softwood prices, may become the saving grace of American manufacturing jobs, but there will certainly be other cost and losses, during this adjustment phase, at the least.

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