Date line June 24, 2022

A very close political ally of Russian President Putin and currently serving Russian Military Reservist General MP Andrey Gurulyov, has called for London to be the first strike in World War Three !

MP Andrey Gurulyov age 54, is a member of the "Russian Parliament’s Defence Committee", and he is advocating for the Russian invasion of the NATO Baltic countries.

On Russian State TV’s Channel 1, he said: "there is no other way to prevent the West blockading Russian exclave Kaliningrad".

Such a move would trigger NATO’s clause 5 and thereby start WW-3. He said : “We’ll destroy the entire group of (the) enemy’s space satellites during the first air operation,” said General Gurulyov,  senior commander, who now represents "United Russia", which is the main pro-Putin political party in Russia.

“No-one will care if they are American or British, we would see them all as NATO".

“Second, we’ll mitigate, (destroy), the entire system of anti-missile defence, everywhere 100 per cent".

“Third, we certainly won’t start from, (by striking), Warsaw, Paris or Berlin"... “The first to be hit will be London"... “It’s crystal clear that the threat to the world comes from the Anglo-Saxons.”

Like other Moscow hardliners, MP Andrey Gurulyov believes the West - especially on continental Europe - has no stomach for a real war and would be easy targets.

MP Andrey Gurulyov went further: “As part of the operation to destroy critically important sites, Western Europe will be cut off from power supplies and immobilised"....“All power supply sites will be destroyed".... “And in the third stage, I shall see what the USA will tell Western Europe on continuing their fight in the cold, without food and electricity".

“I wonder how they (the US) will manage to stay aside".

“This is the rough plan, and I deliberately leave out certain moments because they are not to be discussed on TV.”

General MP Andrey Gurulyov dismissed plans advocated by other Russian experts to snatch a corridor through Lithuania, to supply the Baltic Sea exclave of Kaliningrad which is wedged between NATO states Poland and Lithuania.

The so-called ‘Suvalkovsky Corridor’ is from Belarus to Lithuania.

He sees such a strategy as a "Western Trap" because Putin’s army would be flanked on two sides by NATO troops.

MP Andrey Gurulyov continued:
“It’s the desire of our Western partners that we clear the Suvalkovsky Corridor [from Belarus through Lithuania to supply Kaliningrad],” he said.....“If you look at the map, it would be a big mistake from our side, to make the corridor just to end up with NATO troops to the right and left …“And we also need to pull Belarus into this" …“Let’s look at the map” he said.

His strategy is to revert the current Lithuanian capital back to its former identity as Vilno, and convert the Estonian capital Tallinn, back to its Tsarist identity called "Reval".

“We calmly ….turn Vilnius back into Vilno, remind ourselves what is Reval [the Tsarist name for Tallinn], and free up the right Baltic flank, so we don’t worry that we can be hit from the back,” he told state TV.

“From the military point of view it is impossible to get a clear corridor [through Lithuania],” he said.

“But if the West decides to block the Kaliningrad region, a decision to carry out a strategic operation, to unblock it will be taken".

“But as a serviceman, I clearly understand that no-one will bother with just doing a corridor".... “If we start working, we will work properly.... “Everything will be cleared out, because why leave enemies behind your back?”

MP Andrey Gurulyov is a former Deputy Commander of Russia’s Southern Military District, thus he speaks from his tactial experience and his personal knowledge of the long term goals and plans of the former Soviet Union and today's Russian Government.

He served with Russian forces in Syria and he has been sanctioned by the US Government for his close links to Russian President Putin.

In February of 2022, he was allegedly overheard on an intercepted call, ordering his subordinates to burn the homes of Ukrainians, after throwing the out families into the street. Such an action would be a war crime under current UN Declarations.

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Date Line June 25th

Why do you need a Bomb Shelter A Storm Shelter or even just an Emergency Shelter ? During the 1960's there were some really good reasons my Daddy built a bomb shelter ! Today's world events may very well be within that same political vein.


Because the world is changing and you must be ready for what's coming, not to mention all the seasonal storms that are dangerous we all need protection. Tornado's can form anywhere, and within North America this happens in just a moment, and you need a place to shelter in place into, all without leaving your home. Afterall , that's where your property is, where the food and water is and where your family is at and if you have to leave that location, someone might come take what you have, so stay in place but do so safely, in a Georgia Adobe Storm Shelter !

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Here's the editorial we wrote that details what we think is going on today in society and within the world in general, that may also sway your decision towards building yourself a Bomb Shelter and getting further prepared. It is our goal herein, to you get prepared for what may come, so Please read this and comment back to us, at and we thank you in advance for your interest and replies to our opinion and writings !

  It was a simple time, Once upon a time, it was simple. 

For 246+ years as American's, we have lived a privileged life. This lifestyle was paid for with the blood of our ancestors, whom fought and died to defend this great nation, mostly on foreign soils, thereby saving us domestically, the horrors of war. Today, most Americans can't conceive of war upon their front lawns, let alone of the thought of their children learning of these horrors, with their own eyes, but that day is coming. 

So much has changed politically since the stolen US Presidential election of 2020, and here in the end of June 2022, we are seeing a crashing economy, hyper-inflation and a coming depression designed and instigated by the current Democratic Party. This political organization was once representative of at least 50% of America, but today, that has changed.

Back during the latter days of George H. W. Bush in 1993 the Republicans were in control of America for 12 years, and did fantastic things for the general economy and the public at large. There were also many wrong things that were done, in the name of American Freedom interests, and many dollars were spent and "lost", all without a trace during those days, but the Democrats didn't have a chance at political recovery, unless they could engineer the perfect political storm.

In those days, the Soviet Union was falling apart and if they were to continue with their conquest of America, they at the American Communist Party needed a face lift and lots of funding. Without missing a step, the American Communist Party became and moved in upon, the majority of the Environmental Parties located mostly in Western North America. They then went on by design, to take over the then struggling, Democratic Party and they elected William Jefferson (Bill) Clinton .

The Chinese government saw what was going on then, and they wanted a piece of this action and thereby became partnered with the new leaders of that party, and today we have an animal we never knew existed, and what many of the leaders, have self identified as: The New Democratic Socialist Party of America. 

This is not your Grand parents Democratic Party, it's instead a creation, directly from the plans of the former KGB (of Soviet Era) and now they are in charge of 50% of American voters decisions and the politicians that run the Democratic Party.  They plowed full force forward, with the Party and with what their leaders call: "the fundamental changing of America", except it's into a Socialist run state. Very little now stands in the way, to completely end our country as it was once, "a free country" and to make it a real Communist Nation, just as was their plan from the start, of the end of WW2. 

Only a RED WAVE IN NOVEMBER of 2022 and complete Republican Party take over of the US Government Can Possibly Save America from what has taken control. The latest decisions this week, by the Supreme Court OF The US, are a political push back by several Trump Appointed Judges and Justice Roberts too siding with Justice Thomas, all of whom that can see, just where we are headed if things don't change, and we have President Donald J. Trump to Thank for these Justices and their decisions on the Second Amendment and Roe v Wade today. Perhaps to celebrate, JUNE 24 should become a new: Trump National Holiday ?

American domestic problems created by this same group of New Democratic Political Usurpers along with the current world events, are adding to this - a real shooting war between the United States and Russian Troops, is being subverted and called "The Ukrainian - Russian War".

 Make no mistake about this, the US is directly involved! We have placed Money, Munitions, and Military Manpower into this conflict directly and the Russians know this first hand, as we have sunk at least 1 of their best Battle Ships, and we have Decimated many of their Troops and even Tank Divisions with American munitions and military direction. Several United States Soldiers have been reported as "KIA" killed in action and or they have been captured by the Russian Forces and taken back to Russia. The Legacy US Media ( a US Government controlled squad of media companies) has hardly mentioned any of this, to the small amount of Americans, that still tune in anymore. Only on "the alternative media" can we even hear about this and see footage. 

Many may ask:

"If we are so controlled by the former KGB, why have we been attacking Russia, with our aid to Ukraine"? 

I as an individual can't pretend know all the reasons, but I will speculate that at least 2 things are certainly going on, plus many others, that I suspect are there, without my knowledge.


The Biden Administration would like to keep their control of that piece of ground, as it has already been shown that President Biden's family has greatly and directly benefited from their association with the current Ukrainian Government and the major companies located therein.


I would suspect that not only must, a good effort be required to protect any financial interest of the US Government in that area too but, if one were to allow the easy take over of Ukraine and our assets by Russia, it would be perceived by at least the some of the old line Democrats, (still voting dead or alive) as that America, was perhaps in some collusion with our old enemy, now called Russia, (and you know, we ( the US & Russia ) must each have an enemy, just to justify all the military expenses yearly and forward as this keeps contracts between US Companies and the Pentagon profitable.

If the illusion of America as an independent sovereign nation is to be believed, by at least 50% of America, we must have these kinds of efforts at victory, over "the enemy".  Further, new weapons development require a threat, just to keep Congress spending and this benefits everyone involved. 

Russia benefits too, they can be seen to be making advances against their old enemy and their people can rally around that idea, and they are currently only expending their oldest technology weapons, thereby allowing the development and deployment of new weapons, all while in conjunction with their "new friends" over in the CCP and while also making the B.R.I.C. Nations stronger, both military and economically, as they are now not tied to the US Dollar any longer.

​I will add to this as possible so please do check back weekly for more, but make no mistake about this all , we maybe headed towards some form of nuclear exchange with the other nuclear powers of the planet Earth, before this is settled and we all will need a place, to shelter in place.

​Joe Woodall, Author

Start your new project with a consultation with just 30 minutes of time online for just $125. Use the secure PayPal link directly below to prepay for 30 minutes and engage our services, then contact Joe Woodall Ecoitect and Founder of Georgia Adobe, so we can initiate our services for your new project. Dial 706-363-6453 

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Start your new project with a consultation with just 30 minutes of time online for just $125. Use the secure PayPal link directly below to prepay for 30 minutes and engage our services, then contact Joe Woodall Ecoitect and Founder of Georgia Adobe, so we can initiate our services for your new project. Dial 706-363-6453 


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