Georgia Adobe Homes™ are constructed from insulated Rammed Earth, permanent form materials, and recycled materials can be built in any country in the world they make their own electricity, collect potable water, contain their sewage treated onsite, employ greywater recycling, make fuel, incorporate in home food production.

Our Ecoitecture Systems have 45+ Years Of Development 

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Ever wonder why we specify Rainwater Collection Cisterns on all our Georgia Adobe Homes™  ? 

Watch this video and learn what happens when you depend upon government, for your utilities. 
Flint River MI ~ AKA : Poisoned Water !

While Georgia Adobe specializes in residential scale systems, we can also work on Agricultural , Municipal and Commercial systems too. BELOW is a story about just 1 LA County's school's efforts of rainwater collection, that will show what is possible on a larger scale, collection system. Call Georgia Adobe to start work on your rainwater collection system, no matter what size it is !

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Video link reached here or watch it below

Watch This Video, About A Government Gone Wrong ,

When Regulating Rainfall !


When BUILDING or MAKING property change, Fresh Water is one of the first things we consider, in our work. Triple filtering is always required before water's consumption from a rainwater cistern and this is a long practiced method, of cleaning water without chemicals, THAT WE still Follow to this day.

Additionally, we Normally design a system , where by there is one Path  for black water and one for  Greywater  which splits the WASTE water’s path for a possible reuse of the greywater.  LAVATORY Water, "sink water" is then cleaned by filtering It enough, so as to be used for Watering plants, then it is used as toilet flushing water,and then It Flows On to the sewage system. 

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From just 1 inch of rainfall per hour,

600 gallons can be collected from just a 1000 sq. ft roof !

don't have a roof ?

no problem, from that same 1 inch of rainfall

a 45oo sq ft ground surface ~ collects 2,8oo gallons per hour !

and yes, plastic could be a clean surface to collect from

if you don't have a metal roof !

here's some basic WATER collection INFO from "the government", if you would like to read up on that, but in all Except just a few areas of the world  It is perfectly legal, to collect your own rainwater ,into underground tanks for later uses.

here's a web site about rainwater laws in the USA in general :
State Rainwater | Graywater Harvesting Laws and Legislation

When it falls it collects, and always, in the lowest places and becomes a reserve. A drilled well is said to be a more pure water source, at least better than a shallow bored well, as that the deeper water, has been through more Earth, therefore it's better filtered. 

When "the government" collects water from the earth, it's sometimes drawn from a deep well, but more often than not, it's just rainfall collected into a watershed pond, filtered and then chemically treated, before piping it, to the public for consumption. 

Rainwater collection, has been since the Beginning of time, mankind's basic water supply and streams were once thought of, as a great and pure collection basin, yet modern waterways, are not so pure any longer. 

Now then, if you collect your water from rainfall, from clean surfaces, what is to stop you from filtering it, or even chemically treating it before use and having a steady supply of fresh water ? 

Nothing ! 

Well, at least nothing in the science Stops You, but in some locations, Yes there are laws against this practice, as a primary water source. It's also unlawful to even collect  rainwater for any use, in a few communities, ( Certainly When Building A Pond Or Water Shed, Some Permissions Maybe Required) , so before you use any of this information, all should research , At The local and state Permitting Levels, before expending any funds or time. 

WATCH this news special report , about the volume of water just in LA. County , for an idea of what you could put away for a sunny day ! 

THE WORLD MODEL™  GEORGIA ADOBE™ homE OFTEN comes with 6 of the  1750 GAL OR LARGER holding tanks along its northern side, which feature state of the art rain water and snow melt collection and filtration systems, plus an entire wintergarden™  across its front using graywater reuse systems to grow food and oxygen producing plants. graywater systems can manage 1 gallon of water, into 4 usable gallons, if  needed and this can be added to both existing structures and any new GEORGIA ADOBE™ construction project too. contact our office to discuss your project at 706-363-6453