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Consults on, & Designs Residential, Commercial, Industrial And Retail Structures Of All Sizes,  And Teaches Rammed Earth Construction For Those Building Smaller Structures. We Also Design And Supply Energy And Other Systems For Homes & Businesses World Wide.
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By the nature of this kind of work, ( Alternative Construction) There Is Free Educational Info That Is Scattered Throughout our website and though we do not advise the reader to follow our suggestions on anything, it is here and as such all are welcome to read and make of it for your own use, as you can in a noncommercial use. The info is copyrighted to protect our interest. To Protect Both The Innocent & Others As Well, All Client Information &/Or Any Of Their Actual Project Details including images are Kept Totally Confidential - No Exceptions, But In A Private Meeting, We Can Always Show You Examples Of What Your Project Would Look Like And All The Details, Always Fully Answering All Of Your Questions. 
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Ecoitecture(TM) Defined


A new and trademarked word originated by Joe Woodall founder of Georgia Adobe (TM) and Georgia Adobe(TM) Ecoitecture(TM) located in Commerce, Georgia describing his and his firms profession of designing independent self-sustainable buildings, communities, and other ecologically correct structures and environments, that usually with some regard to the operations and aesthetic effect can function anywhere on earth due to their design. Ecoitecture’s (TM) defilation also includes their collective design or selection of furnishings and decorations, the supervision of construction work, and the examination, restoration, or remodeling of existing buildings, energy systems and a general ecological process ;


the study of the character and/or the styles of ecological buildings operations design and functions including but not limited to the activities at : The University of Georgia Adobe (TM) School Of Ecoitecture(TM) Commerce, GA. Campus and/or elsewhere;


the action or process of the named above parties environmental engineering of a building’s or systems construction to operate within nature while drawing upon that natural elements, all while building from but not limited to any local or naturally indigenous materials (when available) including insulated, cements, adobe brick and/or rammed earth, and/or wasted materials of modern societies including but not limited to used tires, bottles, cans, stone, appliances, etc. to construct a product of thermal mass buildings or other products and/or services, that may have passive and/or active solar energies, wind power, water power and/or collection and reuse, heating and cooling from natures elements, food production all of which comes by way of work product or nature instead of only created by mechanical means only;


the result or the work product of the above named including Georgia Adobe(TM) Ecoitecture’s(TM) work, as a building, service or a product designer, augmentor, builder or inventor;


Joe Woodall, Georgia Adobe and/or Georgia Adobe Ecoitecture ’s of Commerce Ga.'s business enterprises in whole or partial and/or their designed buildings collectively OR INDEPENDENTLY BY THE OWNER Joe Woodall OR THEIR ASSIGNED AGENTS,

*Georgia Adobe(TM) and/or *Georgia Adobe(TM) *Ecoitecture(TM),

 231 Harris Lord Cemetery Rd. Commerce,GA. 30530

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