Georgia Adobe Homes™ are constructed from insulated Rammed Earth, permanent form materials, and recycled materials can be built in any country in the world they make their own electricity, collect potable water, contain their sewage treated onsite, employ Greywater recycling, make fuel, incorporate in home food production.

Our Ecoitecture Systems have 45+ Years Of Development 

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We design & build Anything from tiny structures and/or much grander projects too, the odd single family castle, to modern multi family structures , even SHTF bunkers , industrial and agricultural structures, and of course commercial and retail structures too; ( we even design and build walled or natural formal tour gardens, pond features & water gardens & of course all kinds of energy systems too, etc. See More Details On Other Subjects By Clicking The Page List Above),  but as that all we do in design / building construction is custom built, there are lots of questions we need answers to, (and that you should consider the answers of ) to determine how we can best serve you. Ultimately , we can be the "rigger" you will be the "trigger" and the project will go just as you desired ( more or less ).

So for those interested in "Homes or buildings in general " here are a few starter questions:

Do you wish "us" ( Georgia Adobe Homes
TM ) to build this project for you 100%, [ as a turn key structure ], or would you like to do some or all of the build out yourself ?

We can just design and draw the building too, if you wish to DIY so be straight with us here , please !


How much can you afford to spend ?

As personally invading, as this question may sound, this question is perhaps one of the most important to both the buyer and us the builder, as that a building's cost can or will limit exterior services we must hire out and it will change the overall structures quality and longevity of your use, even if just by the material selections , so being up front here is very important.

A general idea of the appearance of the structure ( pictures you collected ) a general floor plan desired &/or the number of bedrooms and bathrooms required should be answer now too?

There really is no sense in us designing you a modern stylized structure, if Victorian is your flavor and so on !

What operational costs are you seeking " specifically " ?

 This means everything from utilities, maintainable cost like exterior painting , roofing selections, and even lighting selections, should be considered here, etc.

Is Handicapped equipment & the design for this required ?

All rolling trailer production costs are quite high today, so will you be moving it again, after the initial delivery of the structure ?

If it's not to be moved but once,  a rented "landoll trailer" could perhaps best move a new structure just once, ( from us to you ) for much less cost, than if its a trailer frame built just for one structure.

Also, a removable trailer frame ( such as is used on conventional "mobile homes" ) might be found and used less expensively, than you buying or us building a new frame, and then to just let it sit, under a constantly stationary structure.

And , if its to be stationary and it can be site built , then there are several other less expensive options, for the construction materials available, than what should be used for a mobile structure, due to weight and general strength.

If it will it be stationed in one place long and you wish to move, then selling or renting the 1st structure and newly building again elsewhere, maybe a better financial option, for the next structure, as that your property values can go up, as one improves the land you parked it on making for a windfall profit for you later.

Obviously, what the finished effect is to be , the over all style of the structure, not to mention, any needed accessories required (solar, water capture & storage, a Greywater system, the battery systems and generators, plus any personal storage space needed, etc. ) and any other technology's required, will enter into the overall price and we need to know all of this and the requirements of those systems. 

Electric or gas appliances ?

Wattage requirements of customer supplied equipment ?

Then there's:

Where will this be going to ?

Clearly,  transport cost, will augment our pricing if we are to build here in Georgia and deliver wherever.

Next, is a real biggie !

Have you purchased any land yet, and that's allowed for this use ?

Zoning and planning commissions have literally sprung up everywhere, as has something called the Unified Development Code. This is a less than constitutional method of public control without having to buy property from the public ( called inverse condemnation ) so do remember, your American land ownership means you can decide how you will use that land regardless of some lesser government body and their minions ideas of how you should use "your Land" , but in certain places more than others, they will attempt to rule you. 

You do have "Rights" but that doesn't mean, "Your Will",  may easily be done, without a legal fight to do so. 

If done correctly, you would be quite victorious, but this fight is not likely why you are building, you just wanted a house, so as with all things, fights and house building has its price.

Choose Your Fights Carefully.

With this in mind , we can teach you how to build a structure and design it so you might can build it yourself, so if you're a do it yourself, consider taking a building course from us and a schedule of available seminars is available on the University Of Georgia Adobe's School Of Ecoitecture page, found in the links section of our website.

Until we speak, work on the questions above and look through the building pages on this web site, collect pictures you can share with us of the things you like in other projects and that you want in your home  and we look forward to speaking with you soon !

If you are ready to begin, we are ready to assist you. Our 1st consultation is free, answer the questions above, copy and paste the questions and your answers into a simple email, along with your full name , address & a telephone number we can reach you at and the best time to call you and we would be glad to begin seeing if working with you is possible. 

TIME FOR ACTION ! See our "contact us" page by clicking those words or the many examples of our phone number and email address above and THEN JUST CALL, when you are ready to talk ~ the 1st conversation is always FREE !


77 Year Old Man Sent to Prison for Building a Pond !

Article below 


77-year old Montana resident and disabled veteran Joseph Robertson, is facing 15 years hard labor in a federal prison for building ponds on and/or near his own property, as charged by the federal government, for his alleged "discharging of dredged and fill materials". He could also be fined around $750,000. and or his land levied to pay the fines if not paid timely.

Mr. Robertson said: “I’m facing 15 years and three-quarters of a million in fines,” ...   “What they’re doing to me, (the feds), they shouldn’t have the ability to”.. do to anyone.

Robertson is scheduled to be sentenced in federal court on July 20, 2019 and is charged with "Polluting The Waters Of The United States” and for "Violating The Clean Water Act".

Mr. Robertson says he built the ponds ( nine total ), in low lying areas just to water his horses and protect his property and the local area from fire hazards as they had no other reserves to fight fires with.

The EPA and the US Army Corps of Engineers contend Mr. Robertson, has thereby violated their wetlands act, by building his ponds, which sit too near a federal denoted wetland. The additionally government argued in trial, that the water should be regulated, per their act because it flows into the local "Cataract Creek", and then into the major water body "The Boulder River", and then finally into the "The Jefferson River", which is all total about 60 miles away, from his property. Even after the trial has ended, just how this water was proven as his water flow, or as his discharge, is still a mystery. 

Mr. Robertson has as of the moment lost his federal jury trial and word of an appeal effort is not known, but there were still many proponents on Mr. Robertson’s side, who pointed out the true objective of the EPA, was just a power show and an effort at having a recent example set, for any future cases. Hopefully the trial Judge will see fit to allow Mr. Robertson, to go free on his sentencing day, July 20 2019 .

In testimony on Mr. Robertson’s behalf, Ray Kagel Jr., {a former wetlands regulator for the Corps of Engineer} said: “In our opinion, there were no measurable or quantitative adverse impacts, to the aquatic ecosystem,” 

Mr.  Kagel spent 12 years with the Corps and now runs his on consulting business "Kagel Environmental"  in Rigby, Idaho. Mr. Kagel also worked formally as a project manager, for the EPA.

Mr. Kagel believes the EPA and the US attorney are simply trying to make an example of Robertson to justify their enforcement efforts.

“It’s kind of like a feather in the cap showing, ‘Wow, what a great job we are doing as an agency based on all these enforcement actions we’ve taken,’” Kagel said, according to The Gazette.

Mr. Kagel testified that Mr. Robertson did not directly violate the wetlands act, because any water that flows does so very far underground, {for a mile} from the Robertson's ponds to "Cataract Creek", thus no direct link to Mr. Robertson could be properly established.

Cases in which others of such ages have been sentenced in the past often are referred to probation not jail after a first offence and we will Pray the same thing is at the least offered to Mr. Robertson, but it will be next month before we hear the end. We will report back as we learn more info.


The Ark 2, a never ending mission. When The " SHTF ", we all need a place to go. Here's one mans great 10,000 SQ. Ft life's work.

Stock Photo


President Donald Trump announced Saturday that he would delay nationwide raids aiming to round up undocumented immigrants and deport them, saying that he would give Congress two weeks to sort out a deal on immigration.

"At the request of Democrats, I have delayed the Illegal Immigration Removal Process (Deportation) for two weeks to see if the Democrats and Republicans can get together and work out a solution to the Asylum and Loophole problems at the Southern Border," he wrote on Twitter. "If not, Deportations start!"The raids were reportedly planned in cities including Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans, New York and San Francisco






TRUMP RALLY VIOLENCE: Protesters followed Trump supporters to their cars as they left the San Jose Convention Center Thursday night. Away from police, a mob mentality took over.


Create your own "Common Law ID" backed by the Full Faith and Credit of the United States

​I found this video and further information very useful and hope you will too if you study the US Constitution and Common Laws. I think an ID is an important item to have, and as this is not a government issued ID, but it is something you create but have verified by noteworthy individuals, it gives you the ability to Identify yourself, without the State Governments assistance or control.

Below is the description, as posted on the youtube video above, by the author . 

Additional Information is found for this subject located at:

And The How To Audio File At :


"These are my own opinions, and how I engage with government from what I observe to be a powerful foundation, state citizenship. To access this hidden jurisdiction, I created a common law ID. It makes sense to any thinking person, that using ID created and owned by your government is not likely to be in your best interest. I have used a common law ID for many things since 2010, including entering federal buildings, cross US Border, and more. But it is just as important to know that a common law ID is not a license to drive, it cannot be used to open a bank account with an FDIC insured bank, and it is not a get out of jail free card. I recommend you use your common law ID for low risk high reward honest and honorable activities."


History is often written only by the victors. Presented below for your consideration, is another version of history I found most interesting.


The golden asteroid that could make everyone on Earth a Billionaire — RT Business News

From The Donald J. Trump FB Page
12 mins ago at 8:44 PM 

I am pleased to inform you that The United States of America has reached a signed agreement with Mexico. The Tariffs scheduled to be implemented by the U.S. on Monday, against Mexico, are hereby indefinitely suspended. Mexico, in turn, has agreed to take strong measures to stem the tide of Migration through Mexico, and to our Southern Border. This is being done to greatly reduce, or eliminate, Illegal Immigration coming from Mexico and into the United States. Details of the agreement will be released shortly by the State Department. Thank you!



Here's a good example, of what one way to solve the US / Mexico border problem:

A Quick Deployed, "Earthen Wall" 

While we at Georgia Adobe, long ago wrote the White House and offered our services, of wall building, they have never replied .

Maybe they haven't reviewed the way walls can and are built today almost freely, in other countries and with low skilled labor in many cases. This is why we always choose Rammed Earth, as our building method ( anyone can do it ) and it's an easy skill to learn for every person from childhood to adults. There are other ways to get many of the same results and they vary, with the builder and materials but Earth is there for free , so Use It ! Above is one quick way, that we like for Border Fences.

This is the way the US Military and others today, build walls rapidly in combat situations and it would work here along the US/Mexico Border also. They can place several of these containers beside each other, then one upon another in a stacked method ( not shown here ) , but if that is done, they can run troops and tanks up and down these walls ! Add stucco outside and a ditch on either side and no one can cross these walls.

Remember the Great Wall Of China ?

Its a Rammed Earth Wall and well over 2,300 years old and still in place doing its job .

Let's "Build The Wall America" !

June 30th, 2019


It's a holiday week here in the USA, "the 4th of July Week" and for many Americans, this week marks an end to away time and many are now taking that "Last Summer Vacation Trip" this week, ​as that in so many places,  Dear old - Bloody old School starts early in August.  It begins earlier and earlier each year, ( or so it seems ) ! Next, it's the big expense for the families, as school clothes will be needed, loads of supplies ( as  teachers will soon email that big list, which must be purchased by the parents again per the school board requirements.

$$$$$$$$$$ and then some, will be flowing out of the family check books and/or Debit cards, but likely much more, will be charged onto those almost maxed out "credit cards", again too !

The buses will be back on the road, the football games and the cheer leading is already being scheduled, the buildings operational cost will rise quickly, as will the utility bills and school taxes, will be just a few short months away, for the parents to pay and all the others too,  not with any children in school, but just lucky enough to own property, will be sent out to all once again.

No Thank You , as Iv'e got a better idea, AKA. "I Have A Dream" !

Leave them at home, close the schools and Home School the modern way, like they do in many countries. Give the students an internet connection, a new laptop computer, a great new cell phone, a set of V/R glasses, just so the students can see everyone on line, that they are in an online class with, all in 3D.

You could cut the number of teachers down considerably, to just the best ones, as the good ones could teach every child a subject from a repeated presentation. If the kids didn't understand something, they could not only re-watch the lessons again as needed, but an online chat group could work together with them (in study groups) to ensure no child is left behind ! An online tutor, could also help them too, and be available 24/7 as needed for emergencies.

The number of classes could be enlarged to Home Economics, accounting and other life useful skills too and all from the comfort and complete safety of their home. So No More School Shootings, Anyone  ?   

Higher education studies along with basic skills, could be taught too. And, Gardening, Home building, engineering, Science, Math, Architecture, Medicine and Basic Common Law too and the Constitution as well as how to apply it, to their future everyday lives (anyone remember " Civics Classes " ?)  This all should be taught too and it's as easily as the ability to deliver an internet signal, but always with more detail offered and better real life visual aids ( think movie day everyday ) and and real life testimony from those whom have earlier been in true learning situations, that could be enhanced by the very easy V/R presentations.

For Example: Let's look today at Venezuelan Kids,

Just 20 years ago they were an oil fuel free economy, with 100% Ethanol fuel at the pumps offered right beside the more expensive oil based fuels.  Many had a new car in the driveway at least those that wanted one, could actually afford one or two, and abundantly flowing food was in those lovely new grocery stores and the Jobs , oh they were galore, from an ever booming economy, Etc.

 Then Socialism Came In With A Government Personal Change !

Where as today, the people of that country are now starving. They have no power, no Food, no water, no fuel, no jobs, the money is devalued down to -0- value, and they have no future all by way of good old Socialism !

Wow !

Who would have thought, that was even possible ?

Oh yeah, perhaps those that ever studied history and economics would know, but certainly today's students, as they don't learn this stuff anymore and certainly not the current US Democratic Party either !

You Ask : "Just What Do You Mean Joe" ?

Evidence the Democratic Clown Show last week, also called "the debates".

The Democrats in the US, clearly want to take us into this world of Socialism, as our only American policies, with their Free Stuff Presentations delivered last week. Clearly, they never learned any world history, nor economics either, from their schools of higher education, prior to choosing to run for President of the USA was made, so boy - do they look foolish for their actions !

And I bet they have just ensured, President Trump of another good 4 years as well, so TRUMP 2020 ! THANK GOD !

I say we closed the public schools Now, Sell the number of buses taken off the road and the number of annual accidents prevented is an overwhelming one, the cost of this alone pays for the above listed "tools of education",  that we would provide for the all students by our taxes.

Add to this savings, the amount of dollars that will be saved by just closing the school buildings to non paying renters, is even greater. Those buildings are very expensive in just daily maintenance, plus add the new structures initial cost and payment on the debt of existing structures, is a vastly larger annual number, even more than most countries economies totals.

If the schools were turned into public housing, yes the public gatherings could still be held there ( football ) in those stadiums and ball fields too. And the govt. could provide all US. Veterans great homes if needed, and homes that they would someday even perhaps be able to pay for,  as there's ample space suddenly available and a meal could be made for all in those school kitchens, when ever needed too.

This would also allow "Meals On Wheels"  to be be expanded to all students, if needed, and with less expensive operational cost too when ethanol powered smaller vehicles are used for deliveries and almost 3 time a day live checks on the kids, could be performed as needed, much better than those school buses ever could operate.

Look at the tax savings too that we could save in new construction future buildings and maintenance cost for those buildings as well as, those new tenants could pay perhaps someday,  for a portion of their housing cost too and they could provide the work force to keep the buildings up too. And the disabled renters ? Yes they could still contribute to the work load, all be it perhaps online or as greeters and watching for security too, right there from their new public housing units as well.

There's lots more , but this can change America for the better and also Make Great Again & much smarter too; not to mention cut everyone's taxes across the board, upon each property in the country each December by at least 1/2, instead of bankrupting the public, during the Holidays.

What ?

You think we need more tax money to do all this ?

Okay, No Problem,  I've got you covered on this too !

Sales Tax will provide those needed funds and all property taxes can be ended and Allodial title ( look that one up kids and adults too ) which could be re-bestowed back upon land and residential property owners once again ( as it once was ) , instead of this "Fee Simple" BS. that we now have.

This way, no one need ever lose their homes to tax bills and the home can be gifted to family forever, instead of them having to sell the house, (and the home school),  just because the taxes have risen so high in that area again, just to cover school cost, that the parents can't afford to live in that house anymore  ! This is such a shameful thing to do to people, tax them out of house and home !

Think about all this on election day friends, and vote this into reality !




Supreme Court Overturns Precedent In Property Rights Case

Property owners and developers often have complained that zoning rules and other state and local regulations have effectively taken their property for public benefit, and that the Constitution requires that they be paid just compensation or left alone to to enjoy their property.

 U.S. Supreme Court ruled Friday that property owners can go directly to federal court with their claims that state and local regulations effectively have deprived a landowner of their use of their property. The 5-4 decision overturned decades of precedent that barred property owners from going straight to federal court until their claims had been denied in state court.

Federal courts are often viewed as friendlier than state courts for such property claims. The decision, with all five of the court's conservatives in the majority, may have particular effects in areas that have strict regulations for development.

The court's decision came in the case of Rose Mary Knick, who owns 90 acres of land in Scott Township, Pa. Knick's home and a grazing area for her horses are on the land, as well as a small cemetery where her neighbors' ancestors are allegedly buried.

When the town enacted a rule requiring all cemeteries be open to the public during daytime hours, Knick went to state court seeking a judgment that the state had in effect taken her property. When the town withdrew its notice that she was violating the local cemetery law, the state court said Knick could not prove that she was being harmed.

So, she went to the federal courts, which threw out her case based on decades-old Supreme Court decisions that have consistently required property owners to go to the state courts before appealing to the federal courts.

On Friday, however, the U.S. Supreme Court reversed the first of those decisions, a 1985 ruling that required property owners to take their complaints to the state courts first. Instead, the court majority said Knick and other property owners seeking compensation for limits on their property rights may go directly to federal court.

"We now conclude that the state litigation requirement imposes an unjustifiable burden" on a property owner's claim that his or her land has been effectively taken for public benefit without the government paying just compensation, wrote Chief Justice John Roberts.

In essence, Justice Roberts said, property owners are entitled to the same rights in federal court, that other citizens have, if they can prove that their constitutional rights have been violated !

For 4+ decades Georgia Adobe(TM) of Commerce, Georgia has expounded upon the facts 
of our planets ecological boundaries, and the need of all, to use Earthen construction methods, to create high thermal mass structures affordably, along with recycled materials use, in their construction processes, and this practice, needing to fully become mainstream. In time, such recycled practices, will bring a paradigm shift in the construction industry, but still more than 40 years after, we started our "preaching this method", and building with Earth, natural and free and recycled materials, this practice is still at a minimum. And today still, If one looks to natural materials to be used in place of manufactured solutions, often the government and industries balk at such ideas, as it takes away both their control and the materials sales, into markets. 

Everyone that is working in the construction industry, is perhaps attempting to meet the needs of their customers, but our Earth will demand a paradigm shift in our materials selections, if this work is to be able, to continue in the future due to, if nothing else, population increases. The world's head counts, will double in the next several years, and materials will tighten, and thereby cost will rise, just due to supply and demand. More homes and buildings will be needed, and people will need to be fed and watered, but where will all the additional supplies and materials come from ?

Also, if they are man made materials, will they be sturdy and affordable and carbon -0- ? Anyone remember the problems with faux stucco , or "particle board" or "OSB siding" during the last world building craze ? That was not a pretty sight, nor was it affordable to repair. In some cases the entire structure had to be torn down, just due to health concerns ! With natural materials selections, we don't have these same problems.

With many limits placed upon us, due to our own personal economy, we have shown as best as is possible in practice, as well as in our construction seminars, that Georgia Adobe's (TM) methods of using Rammed Earth and Earth Sheltering our structures in combination, with the use of natural and recycled materials, that about any builder could craft a nearly carbon -0- structure, that is both beautiful, secure, strong and storm safe, plus also thermally effective enough, that without requiring any mechanical heating or air conditioning, the structure is affordable to both build and that people can reside in it, as it can maintain a constant comfort level nearly 100% passively. Think about this for one second longer, what if this was your home ?

No matter whether there really is an actual man made climate change happening or not, it's plain that our buildings and their construction, do play a major part now, in the accounting globally, for nearly 40% of the energy we use and the related carbon dioxide (Co2) emissions, from all the "structures operations" ( utilities ).

How wonderful would it be if, a family could "self build" a 100% paid for structure, instead of buying one with a 30 year mortgage, due just to the cost of building it, being affordable out of their pocket and their sweat equity of construction labor ? And what if that same family had -0- utilities bills, due to being off grid ? How would these two features affect financial change, on the community and to their own ability to afford a normal life and/or perhaps send their children to better higher education ?

How many times do we also have to see the landfills over filled with our trash, then when closed to more garbage input, the Earth bellows out methane gas for next few centuries, all around that location ?  Or should we continue to watch, as our trash is dumped into the world's oceans and hear the claim that, there's no harm caused by such measures ? Ever think what the real cost of nuclear energy actually is ? Utility cost are rising and our ability to produce enough is in great question, as well is, if we can live here on this planet, at the same time that we are using all this energy ?

Recycling and proper Georgia Adobe(TM) building construction, can change this in part if the knowledge of how "select used materials", can safely be reused, is taught widely and this becomes accepted by the governments, as mainstream. Our world construction methods must change, if homes are to continue to be built, due to nothing more than supply and demand. If the energy, that a structure uses is figured into the mix, in addition to the price to build it, then changes really are needed quickly, in the way we build, heat, cool and supply structures with utilities. The Georgia Adobe Home(TM), answers these collective needs at 100%, more or less depending on conditions and is available today.

Together, with our customers, we need to commission and design buildings, subdivisions, even entire cities and their infrastructures too, as indivisible components of a larger, constantly regenerating and self-sustaining system, in order to save the entire planet. We would desire to work with those of like minds too !

The research and technology already exist, for us to begin these projects now, but what has been lacking in our past, is a collective will of the population to move to sustainable structures, in place of more conventional "cookie cutter" tract homes and high rises. Also lacking, is the general funding needed to teach this process to the masses, so it can spread worldwide and receive government acceptance of these methods more widely. We are committing to strengthen our working practices, to create Ecoitecture(TM) systems that have a more positive impact, on our world around us here, in the US and abroad.

We will seek in our future years to:

A) Raise the world's awareness, of the need for this method of building, by presenting more construction seminars worldwide and to continue to show the urgent need for these construction method and changes, to our customers and to supply chains.

B) Advocate for all Governments to offer funding for the natural Georgia Adobe(TM) building education, to be brought into the classrooms as a priority, to support this faster within our industry.

C) Share knowledge and research on some open source basis.
D) Offer to assist with upgrading existing buildings, to help allow their extended use, as a more efficient and carbon -0- alternative, to actual demolition and having to build new structures, whenever there is this choice.

E) We Will Continue To Include in our work offerings: 

1) A Structures Whole life Carbon Modelling. (to reduce initial construction cost)

2) Evaluate Life Cycle Costing, to reduce operational cost in our structures. (alternative energy)

3) Offer Post Occupancy Evaluations and projections, as a part of our basic scope of work, to reduce both embodied and operational resource use (recycling).

4) Encourage others to Adopt, our regenerative design principles, in their construction with the aim of designing Ecoitecture(TM) Systems, that goes beyond of just a net zero carbon building. (energy storage systems)

5) We will attempt to Collaborate more with engineers, contractors and customers to 
further reduce construction waste.(teaching)

6) Accelerate a shift to low embodied, carbon -0- materials in all our work. (from structures to landscapes)

For project consideration of our services contact please

Joe Woodall, Principal Ecoitect(TM) at: 
Georgia Adobe Ecoitecture(TM)
231 Harris Lord Cemetery Road
Commerce, Georgia 30530


Here is an interesting idea I like,"The Cat" compressed air tech .