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My Opinion On The News Of The Day:

Early Formed Infants Recognized As Life Once Again In America !

Back On May 7, 2019 
Georgia’s Brave New Governor, Brian Kemp signs in the 1st Heartbeat bill, giving our State's Infants, a fighting chance against abortion. Now, the moment a heartbeat is detected, they are humans under GA. Law and have a right to live !

Next, today May 16, 2019 Alabama’s Governor, signs in their own sweeping legislation, ending most all abortions, in that state ! 

The times are changing, for the better and hopefully, our generation will be remembered, as those that protected the children !

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At least 225 twisters in just 12 days of May 

A historic Tornado outbreak, ravages the U.S. & More Is To Come !


May 10, 2019
"Bogart’s Boat"

As I recall it now, it was a day much like today was, during the early Spring to first of Summer of 1976, ( right after my parents had split ) and my Dad was still trying to set up a home for himself and me, as we were supposedly going to “Batch It Together“, as he called it and live in either a Log Cabin, that we were going to build together,  up at his Commerce Drive In Theatre in Commerce, Georgia, on US 441 Hwy, ( from the many Pine Trees that were there on our property), or he was going to find a large houseboat for us to live in, out on “The Lake”.  A call came into our Woodall Theatres office, in Lawrenceville, Georgia one morning from a great friend of the family : Mr. Grady Youngblood a Scuba Diver then of Buford, Georgia.

 He was a man with the talents of a Professional Naval Trained Diver, and kind of what I perceived of as perhaps a Georgia born, “Jacques Cousteau” may have been like, when it came to diving skills. He was very talented and our diving instructor too and the local Civil Defense Disaster Diver, for a lake called lake Lanier, in NE. GA. which has 692 miles of shoreline, bordering the following five counties: Hall, Forsyth, Dawson, Gwinnett and Lumpkin. It’s a big lake and still is the “local place to be” each Summer !

Lake Lanier opened in 1957, after construction was completed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.  As bodies of water go, to me it’s quite a dark lake down there , below that waters surface, and fraught with many dangers including fishing lines for swimmers to get tangled in , old trees,  houses and much more, all flooded over to make the lake, back in the 1950's.

The reason for Mr Youngblood’s phone call that day was, a ship had sunk, in very dangerous waters of the lake (where lots of traffic would pass) and the ships owner had said, he couldn't justify the rescue cost, so after bring it up, it was to be available for the “salvage cost“, from Mr. Youngblood‘s dive company. Still wanting a houseboat, my Dad funded that expedition and there began a Summer of our constant work ( and lots of money ) in the restoration of a 16 ton mahogany , twin 6 cyl. Continental engine, two bedroom, Chris Craft ship called the  "Money II" , as she was titled.  Mr. Ralph Chapel (the previous owner), even had a complete model of the ship, at his home in Gainesville, GA. that we never could acquire, but it was said to be a beauty, depicting the ship in all its original glory. 

My Uncle , a great hop up mechanic tuned the engines and the self sustainable equipment , My Father and I , with the help of the Youngbloods too and even my little my Sister, all pitched in and made this ship a really fine home again ! That Summer was a busy time at the Drive In and it was difficult to get up early after those late night movies to go to work on "the boat" as we called it, but it was worth it and a real bonding time for our now limited family. 

Some research of the state records, lead us to the US Army Corp of engineer's records and the US Coast Guard records showing that the ship was what they call "Documented", by the Coast Guard , sometime before by the original owner (to save him the enormous yearly tax cost ) and that after his death, during the Korean War years the US Govt. had executed their "privileges of use",  in times of national emergency”  and the US Government took over the ship, moving it from the West Coast of the US to Korea, to ferry our General's around in, in style as the original agreement by the 1st owner had given that permission, so as to obtain that tax free status called: "Documentation".

Further research also showed,  it was  the

“Humphrey Bogart“ that had actually purchased the ship new, from Chris Craft and that was right when he and the lovely Miss Lauren Bacall, had lived together and were said to have spent much time on that ship, (as was reported in news articles of that day we were told).

So “The Boat “ had traveled a long way to make it to Georgia and our friends dock, but to make this a little shorter, in late August or very Early September before we moved onto the ship, as we awaited a Dock my Uncle was building just for "the boat",  after our long Summer of great efforts to bring her back to life as a viable ship again, through an almost complete restoration, what was to be my new home, { that we had only one short ride in that week, of about 15 minutes or so, } once again she sank to the bottom of Lake Lanier, taking Mr. Youngblood’s dock and 2 other lesser, but very fine boats with it, to the bottom of the cove. 

That was such a depressing time, 1st my parents were divorcing, 2nd my Girlfriend had left me about the same time saying she wanted to date other guys, and our new home was destroyed,  just as Winter was beginning.

Add to that , money was suddenly really tight during that time of year (it was getting cold at night and people wanted to go the the new indoor theatre a friend had just built, across the street from our best Drive In Theatre in Lawrenceville GA ), so all hope to fix it seemed lost. 

It was  reported by the Youngblood’s, that a column of water was seen shooting up to the ceiling, from the toilet, in the Rear Head compartment with a force and sound of a 4 inch fire hose, on full blast. Later after it was again brought back up to the surface, that damage was apparent on the ceiling above the toilet and so the seal packing was replaced, on all the water drains from the ship, but the devastation to the ship and the entire dock plus the other 2 boats had been done and a recovery cost, plus the repairs to our friends property had to be paid too (Dock , equipment and Boats), which made our ability of restoration of the ship again, during the Winter there in the Cove, just not possible; so we had the ship moved to dry dock at Holiday Marina and then on to our land, about 20 miles away to my Father’s Lawrenceville Drive In Theatre, which was on Duluth Hwy {or hwy 120 as it’s known}.

There set upon a grassy hill spot, behind the Drive In Theatres back field, was my Uncles home and his workshop too, and the ship sat untouched, for a nearly decade more, as the movie business had declined very badly by then and our funds were scarce, to restore the ship or even my 1951 Packard, that sat right beside"the boat" for years.

Father remarried soon thereafter, he rented a small home with his new wife , he and My Uncle split up their business interest and I went on to college and then my life changed too, much for the better with my new bride in 1983, so yes our lives went a very different path, than it had been planned that Summer of 1976, and I guess for the best too, but neither of us (my Father and I) ever looked back, to that plan again. Life is funny !

In 1985, I was married and living at our family home (Woodall Estate™) In Commerce, Georgia as we still do still today and as that the Lawrenceville Drive In Theatre was then closed and that property was being sold to football player some may remember, named "Joe Namath" and his investment company, for their newest office park to be constructed, and I and a business partner had a car lot in Lawrenceville too, just a few miles away,  I was able to sell the great ship, to a middle aged Miami luxury boat investor, who had heard of the Ship’s legend. 

It sold for just the $2,500. that it cost to move it, (to the Drive In back in 1976) and the sale was conditional as a  ( AS IS, Sale ) and the buyer would have to remove it, within the week,  due to the property’s sale.   

Even though we finally both then, ( Dad and I ) had the money in the bank, to have the great Ship restored, our interest lay elsewhere and our family relationship had long become fractured so much, that there was no need for that to become "our home" any longer, (just for me and my Dad), so it was gone. It seems now in retrospect, that I should have certainly fixed it and kept it, but the fear and thoughts of that lost to the lake, then still with me, just kept me from doing so .

The new owner in Miami, gave an interview some years later, that I saw in newsprint, stating that he had put about 1 million dollars into the restoration, but that he was unable to find any records of the Famous “Bogart ownership” that we had found, from the Corp of Engineers and US Coast Guard, just a decade earlier, so he was pleading in the article for "leads" or any info from anyone, about the great ship, still as it was called most correctly: “the Money II “.

I often get asked by my closest friends that knew back then, “where’s Bogie's boat at today ” and if I still have it. I do still miss that beauty ! 

Today, when I design tiny homes, some boats and of course our land based Georgia Adobe Homes™ too, shipboard life and the utter compactness and systems that are required to achieve both creature comfort and self-sustainability on-board, resonates with me from that experience and that “Summer of 76” will forever be ingrained in my mind .   

(c) 2019 Joe Woodall, Ecoitect™  
Georgia Adobe Homes™ 
Commerce, Georgia


​When you have a problem & need an answer sometime we get to 

"​Choose The Blue Pill Or The Red Pill"

​Listen to this :



Trump attacks social media companies after Facebook bans  

STERLING, Va. (AP) — President Donald Trump criticized social media companies after Facebook banned a number of extremist figures, declaring that he was “monitoring and watching, closely!!”


The "Machine Bow" is a reality ! Joerg Sprave has made many cool Youtube videos, but this one shows an excellent “bow” made into a semi-auto : "Machine Bow" . This is a bow, but not a crossbow, thus has no trigger and is not limited in its ownership or storage in many locations as a crossbow is.

Imagine if you scale this up into larger bows?  I can’t wait to build one or perhaps buy one !



The Cost Of Importing From China, Just Went Up 15% higher to a total of 25% add on.

Friday the 10th of May brought news of a failure in the US / China trade talks. 

This weekend many of my friends have been talking to me and writing me about the extra 15% cost, as of Friday 05-10-2019 to import any Chinese goods into the US.  This brings the total cost to 25% tax and that may seem like a lot, but just think of what it cost us to not buy American products before you decide this is too much. 

The reports also have said, if things don’t improve between the US and China trade talks, the importation tax would be raised to a total of 48% .

Some may not understand why this is happening or why it’s not designed to be a tax on the America consumers, but instead, meant to cause a loss of sales for the Chinese manufacturers and thereby causing the "Chi-Com’s Govt"  to come back the trade negation table and actually give us decent concessions, in exchange for our lessening those new taxes.

There’s also one additional result, from this taxation of those foreign goods, it's to spur the American Manufacturing companies, to once again start building those products over here and thereby once again creating a 1st world type of economy, right here in the US again,  causing a lessening of our dependence, upon foreign countries manufacturers to supply us with basic products. 

If the reader recalls former candidate and now "POTUS TRUMP"  made us all a campaign promise to "Make America Great Again" and thereby create new manufacturing jobs here in the US again. This is how that promise , and his promises can be kept as the process works, by causing their Chinese goods, to be more expensive than the ones we make in the states and thereby spur our industrial sector, to once again to - "actually produce real products again here".

The US has nearly become a third world type of economy, as we export mostly food products and limited technology , we export college graduates too, all to the point of having a real “brain drain effect” on our tech sector as well, and all this is causing the US to be the cheap exporter of the lowest cost consumables - perhaps the cheapest food in the world, but not exporters widely of the highest tech, or best paying products .

For what maybe the first time in 50 years (since Nixon) a politician is actually keeping their promises, and it will take time and great efforts to bring our production side economy back ( as only this President can do so ).

If we want what we once held, "a 1st world production ability", we must wait patiently for the President’s plan to work and the new and interested manufacturers of products to come forward, to counted as the next generation of industrialist, here in this country.

The time is now, as we now have a real chance to turnaround America’s production abilities and become self-sustainable again, with every country once again longing for our economy, if we just work with this plan.

Those that can’t or won’t work within this plan, will just have to pay a higher price for their "imported Chinese goods" as the rest of us learn to again "Buy American" and that’s just the cost of a disposable service economy, that produces nothing.

That’s my opinion.

And, here’s an article some of you might enjoy too, about this very subject titled:
“President Trump's tariffs, once described as negotiating tools, may be here to stay“ 

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President Trump News Conference at the White House

The President gives it to them straight, and details how the Democratic party, (better known as the American Socialist Party), is continuing to disrupt his administration, even though their 35+ million dollar Muller Report, shows no crimes by Trump , no collusion, and nothing to tie President Trump or his campaign to the Russians. Once Again President Trump is clearly the best vetted candidate, for public office, both now and in 2020 !

It's a shame that the real culprits, from the last administration, are not being gone after ! And, I sure would like to see how "Nancy & Chuck" not to mention many of the congress critters got so rich, on their $193,000 a year, from their congressional paychecks. Somethings not right there as both Nancy & Chuck and many others, have become worth 100+ million dollars and still we get no answers as to how !

Watch and learn the facts from today press conference : 

Welcome Friends To Our New Social Media Page !

As Of May 03- 2019 We have removed ourselves and company from all social media except this page. Please turn in daily to read the postings as presented.

Here below is the last posting we made on all the other social media pages, left today 5-03-19

Last we saw Facebook Instagram and What’s App  owner Mark Zuckerberg claim F/B was beginning a new privacy policy, to keep us all safe from targeting and privacy issues of the past where they sold our information to advertisers and other buyers. This week we see Facebook beginning to Tamper with the 2020 Election Process and American Speech Freedoms by the banning of free speech by mentioning certain companies and Facebook banned completely many individuals and companies too including Alex Jones, Laura Loomer for what they have deemed as "violating their policies" and an action against dangerous individuals. 

The same thing is happening on all mass media and on all social media platforms too including Twitter, Etc.

While we as a company, nor myself individually is anywhere as prominent as the mass media individuals noted above, we have always posted our opinions freely as we are an American Company and I am an American Citizen.  Last week again, as several times before, we were targeted by Facebook for their scrutiny, of our all accounts and my personal opinion postings. As such I and my company fully expect our individual page: 
Joe Woodall Georgia Adobe , all our groups and our company pages to be deleted and banned by Facebook and others soon too. 

Therefore, proactively we will begin to migrate our content away from these media monopolies, with this as likely our last posting.  

For Your Future Reference we will be posting in the future both by email & at our companies pages and can be reached for subscriptions at: 
joe@joewoodall.com , 

and also on one of the many of our websites our company currently operates including:

We thank you all for your support in the past years, here on this platform and hope to be able to speak with you all in the future !

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A Private group with a GoFundMe page, just built

A MILE of Trump’s border wall in 3 DAYS !


The NITTY GRITTY LAW LIBRARY is perhaps one of the best guides one can pull upon, for legal references when in need. Take a look at this, when you have a need. URL: http://www.1215.org/


So You Want To Build A Inexpensive Tiny House ?

Well Here's One Way.

May 8, 2019

Many times our clients express concerned that their rights to keep and bare arms into the future, is to be ended by the liberals in government, regardless of the US Constitutions explicit words, expressing our God given rights.

We always support Constitutions Rights over crazy liberal ideas of disarmament of the public as this is not about hunting or some specific tool ( weapon ) but about our ability to overtake the government when bad actors dishonor the countless millions of lives that have fought and died to defend those rights.

Tools ( weapons ) can be of many kinds and even though invented in another time, are still a viable weapon to wield incase of loss of modern tools.

For example, the Crossbow or Balista. Did you know that the US 1968 National Firearms Act considers Relics and antiquated technology weaponry, to be not regulated any longer ? The same is true for Black Powder arms, as well as medieval bows, etc. 

Why not take full advantage of this in home defense ? 

A properly sized , projected and materially composed arrow (or bolt) can stop even the modern Abrams Tank, let alone a man invading ones castle. Castle doctrine in our opinion gives all one legal argument to and the older styles of tools of defense, although they be less modern, can certainly provide a great home defense, against those whom may attempt to do you harm, so do consider them as a part of your arsenal, of personal defense tools.

Size matters in all tools as does preservation. An excellently preserved, complete crossbow from 2,200 years ago, has been found at the World famous Chinese Terracotta Warrior site, in Xi’an, Shaanxi province China.

This was an astonishing find, and archaeologists in China located the 2,200-year-old crossbow in almost pristine condition, buried with the vast army of terracotta warriors who also held other tools including swords still sharp and ready for battle along with the full representations of the men that would use those tools, in the defense of their emperor and country.

Take a look at this July 2018 article at ancient origins web site and reconsider adding these tools to your armory. Georgia Adobe sells primitive weapons through our Pendergrass Flea Market Store located on 3rd Ave. East at Store #16 ( which you can visit Sat & Sun 9 Am - 6 PM )  and our commentary here, will end with an offer to supply your needs, with the same. Contact us at 706-363-6453 or online to discuss your needs as we also have an Architectural Metals Fabrication Division and can design and build most any tool. Write us at sales@georgiaadobe.com   

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JOEWOODALL.COM Blog By Joe Woodall   May 2019


UTICA, New York,

Liberty Stolen Again !

A Homeowner is Behind Bars After Killing Two Intruders, Because He Used Gun Not Registered To Him.    The homeowner is facing charges of criminal possession of a firearm after he shot and killed two intruders after they broke into his home. The charges come because he had a handgun in his possession that belonged to his father, who is deceased.  The Second Amendment gives us Rights, that many states push to take away.

Read More Here

Joe Woodall's Commentary

Do you need 1 more really good reason to have Georgia Adobe to build an alcohol fuels plant for You ?

How About This News Nugget ?

The United States deployed an aircraft carrier strike group and a bomber task force to the Middle East in response to "clear indications" Iran and Iranian proxies were planning an attack on U.S. forces in the region, U.S. officials said.

Late Sunday night, the White House made the surprise announcement that the USS Abraham Lincoln and a bomber task force were being deployed in response to unspecified "troubling and escalatory indications and warnings."

WSJ Article:
Updated May 6, 2019 8:29 p.m. ET
U.S. Deployment Triggered by Intelligence Warning of Iranian Attack Plans
Unusually specific intelligence reports about fresh Iranian threats to American forces in the Middle East triggered a U.S. military request in the Middle East
(c) 2019 Joe Woodall, Ecoitect™  
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Boom ! And just like that, illegal aliens can't get :
food stamps, 
medical cards or 
WIC , 
because the President is now enforcing a law that Bill Clinton created. 

Isn't that great ! 

If you are a sponsor of an illegal alien, your income is now considered as the illegals and you have to take care of them. 

re: Memorandum on Enforcing the Legal Responsibilities of Sponsors of Aliens


7:30 PM 

Watching the Democrats cry about the Trump Presidency makes me wonder what has happened to good sense in this country. From children to adults the Democrats seem to have become lawless socialist without reason. This is gonna make one hell of a movie script someday though, and It even makes me want to get back into the movie business; Well maybe not, as it's a sad story.

Imagine if you will, a wealthy comfortable American, who has a great life and in his golden years, living where he wants doing as he wishes without a care in the world, married to a beautiful lady, with a devoted family,  has Celebrities singing his praises in attempts to gain his favor, and has all the major political parties sucking up for his donations to their causes and because he had the Gaul to actually run for office, point out hypocrisy's and call a traitor a traitor and a Kenyan not fit to be President He is suddenly hated by Democrats, the Socialist and finally even by the Republicans he joined.

 Then to actually as a novice go out say what every red blooded American knew was the truth and by the force of the people and electoral college, win the Presidency { by a mile over the 17 Republicans and the worst 2 of the 3 worst front runners ( & their running mates )  that the Democrat/ Socialist party has ever nominated, ( I’m speaking of the previous Kenyan Obama & Biden ticket being the worst in history for so many reasons) } and for next 2.5 years ,as President he works for FREE and he even promises to do so always, he also donates his time 24/7/365 to his country and has the Gaul to actually try and keep his Election Promises, ( Boy, Is that different or what ? ) , he then brings the major portion of the American economy back from 8 long and dark and dead years of actual depression, but has to fight the Socialist, the Democrats and the Republicans , just to try and Make America Great Again,  by doing what he can with all the distractions in the world and this nation , just to make this a better, safer place for all American's.

 Yes, the story hard as it is to believe actually continues with real craziness and even more probes by the Democrats and the Socialist in Congress, even after 2+ years of a 30 million dollar investigation, that they demanded into the President’s personal and families life ( which was out of the legal bounds of the investigation completely )   and into the Trump 2016 Presidential campaign potential collusion with the Russian Govt.’s efforts to seal the election from Hillary Clinton ( A traitor to the US ) ,  providing over 1 million documents delivered by the duly elected President and/or his office staff, without even 1 legal stoppage due to a lawful Presidential Privilege demand, { as was his and is his , continuing Right to do so } topped off with the legally required process of review and written report by our Nations Attorney General { the investigators superior )  along with the opinion of  25 other staff lawyers all also reaching efforting  rendering the verdict (down to a 4 page reflection of the major points of the multi-year probe ) and with that report ( redacted as per legal requirements to protect the nation and innocent individuals which can be effected by information releases ) rendered not only To both Congress and To The Senate but The Entire World, showing it’s findings that the President , nor his election campaign staff, nor the Presidents family members, did anything to conspire with the Russian governments said efforts, to sway the 2016 American election to D.J. Trump, in place of Mrs. Clinton , nor did the President nor his campaign, or his family do anything illegal ,  but surprise after all that This B/S. Still continues ? 

It would take one imaginative Hollywood script writer, just to concoct such crap and write all this, but no, it‘s all true. 

Let's all just pray for 6 more good years of this administration and at the same time plot our exit strategy from the country, should these Socialist,  that continue an attempted overthrow of our US Government by innuendo and hoax’s ever succeed;  As if they get a firm hold of our nation now, or from the next elections to come,  none of is safe from the lack of,  the rule of law !

(c) 2019 Joe Woodall, Ecoitect™  
Georgia Adobe Homes™ 
Commerce, Georgia



So many opinions are out there, about how to and which materials you should use to build a sustainable materials structure with. The front runners are: Rammed Earth, Adobe, Cob and Baged. Here's one persons description of them and we use all 4 (in varied applications), but Rammed Earth ONLY for structural applications because of it's strength, ease and rapid completion ! Watch this and we will add more content soon .

Half Of Americans Can't Afford A Lawyer when they need one. The other half don't trust the lawyers they hired. Here's All The Info you need, ​Click HERE or on The Box Below, For Complete Details !


Facebook Suspends Candace Owens For Saying Liberal Policies Incentivize Fatherless Homes



Likely In reply to the Democratic Witch Hunt Proceeding, President Trump ordered the declassification of all intelligence related to campaign spying against his campaign in 2016.

President Trump on Thursday night 5-23-19

issued a memo to Attorney General William Barr, allowing the legal authority to declassify any and all documents proper, related to the surveillance of the Trump campaign during 2016.

Trump also ordered the intelligence community to cooperate with Attorney General Barr.

The memo read:

"The heads of elements of the intelligence community... and the heads of each department or agency that includes an element of the intelligence community shall promptly provide such assistance and information as the Attorney General may request in connection with that review."

Additionally White House press secretary

Sarah Sanders said in a statement :

"Today, at the request and recommendation of the Attorney General of the United States, President Donald J. Trump directed the intelligence community to quickly and fully cooperate with the Attorney General’s investigation into surveillance activities during the 2016 Presidential election,"  

"The Attorney General has also been delegated full and complete authority to declassify information pertaining to this investigation, in accordance with the long-established standards for handling classified information. Today’s action will help ensure that all Americans learn the truth about the events that occurred, and the actions that were taken, during the last Presidential election and will restore confidence in our public institutions."




EDUCATIONAL: A lot of our clients need tools on the job site or want to build some great things for the family. Here's a Youtuber that builds lots of cool tools & other things for his family to enjoy !  In this video is how to make a "tablesaw sled".


Man sets himself on fire near White House on 05-29-2019 on the lawn of the gardens near the White House.

​Story Here

Georgia Adobe Homes™ are constructed from insulated Rammed Earth, permanent form materials, and recycled materials can be built in any country in the world they make their own electricity, collect potable water, contain their sewage treated onsite, employ Greywater recycling, make fuel, incorporate in home food production.

Our Ecoitecture Systems have 45+ Years Of Development 

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