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Aug 13, 2019


Our Galaxy's Black Hole Suddenly Lit Up & Nobody Knows Why ?

In May, the super-massive black hole, at the core of our Milky Way, became 75 times brighter in just two hours. The super-massive black hole, that is at the center of our Milky Way Galaxy suddenly became mysteriously sparkling,  and nobody knows the reason.

This dark patch of space, AKA as as Sagittarius A ("Sgr A"), is four million times as large as our little star that we call the Sun. Though no light can escape the black holes boundaries, astronomers can observe the hole’s interaction, with other brighter stars or clouds of spacial dust that surround it.

On the night of May 13, 2019, a UCLA astronomer named "
Tuan Do" ( click his name to go to his Twitter page) , along with his colleagues were watching "Sgr A", by using the powerful Keck Telescope, at the summit of "Mauna Kea" in Hawaii. In the period of just 2 hours, they report that the black hole become "
75 times brighter" all in the near-infrared band, of the light spectrum.

According to a forthcoming study, led by Mr. Do and published on the arXiv pre-print server, the Milky Way’s super-massive black hole, “reached much brighter flux levels, in 2019 than ever measured at near-infrared wavelengths” . This It kinda makes one wonder, just what's going on, or coming our way from deep space ad how long before it gets here. Hopefully, there's still time for us to build you a Georgia Adobe Home ?  Call our offices when you are ready to build pH # 706-363-6453.

Here's a GOOGLE link to more info:



Heads Up !

Interest is up,

The stock market is down,

Which is normally a sure sign that a "Recession",  is on its way,
Protest all over the world, 
Countries losing monetary value. 

Cops getting gunned down.

Its going to be a roller coaster by end of this year.

So, Are ya'll ready ? 

Hopefully, there's still time for us to build you a Georgia Adobe Home ? 

Call our offices when you are ready to build pH # 706-363-6453.




Once The Owners Asked $1 Billion dollars for this 157 acre LA. property and thus it became, America’s Priciest Listing. It's now Scheduled for Public Auction. The Beverly Hills tract the owners call “The Mountain,” is scheduled to be sold at auction Thursday 8-15-2019. And, If this sale proceeds as scheduled, it should bring an end to a decades-old saga of infighting , settle an Estate and a families financial difficulty with a large and improved property.

The vacant parcel has some great sprawling views of the L.A. basin, and is also locally known as “The Vineyard,” which was just last year listed for $1 billion, but the price has since been lowered to just $650 million.

The rest of the story is in the Wall Street Journal  ! 

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What was first reported as just a leak at a Russian artillery plant, has turned into something much more.   

(Click HERE For A Link To 1 Article ) with chilling video footage from Russia that has intensified initial fears of a nuclear radiation accident after ambulances were spotted lined with protective chemical sheets and hospitals workers were seen wearing hazmat suits. Now reports that something bigger may have happened, as US experts have linked the incident to what they believe was the testing of a new nuclear-powered cruise missile.  

Today 08-12-2019 An official "state of mourning" was been declared in the Russian city of Sarov.  Last Thursday, five nuclear specialists employed by Rosatom, Russia's state atomic energy corporation, were killed in a blast at a military test site in northern Russia, not far from the port of Severodvinsk.  According to the official account, elite scientists were killed in the accident  were killed during tests on a liquid propulsion system involving isotopes.

"Sarov", is known during the Cold War as Arzamas-16, as one of Russia's most secret cities. It is closed to foreigners and accessible only by special permit, Sarov is the rough equivalent to Los Alamos, in New Mexico, USA, which is one of the birthplaces of US nuclear weapons designs.  How this nuclear explosion and resulting radiation leak, may affect the rest of the planet, is yet to be know, but large areas of Sarov are said to being evacuated . The latest report we saw was from CNN here's that link:

Our thought and prayers go out to all involved is this disaster, but It's events such as this and other possible radiation dangers and other things that we face here too in the USA , that make us and most others want, a Earth Sheltered and Fully Independent Georgia Adobe Home to retreat to everyday. If you are ready to discuss your new home project, please contact our offices to begin the process, of safeguarding your loved ones, in a Georgia Adobe Home .


Joe Woodall, Ecoitect

Georgia Adobe

Commerce, Georgia 30530




We get lots of questions and this week has been Building Seminar Week here at Georgia Adobe, so even more questions were asked of us than normally. This is also one big reason I haven't posted this week as it's been busy !

This week a young couple that wants to build a home, but didn't know just how to buy land and the steps to take, to have a paid for home on unpaid for land, which is something we "Preach" as the gospel. Here's a summary of what my answer was to them.

Basic Question's were :
 How and where do we begin ? 
 How do we buy land without credit ? 
 How do we know when to build ?

Answer Summary:
There are still places where land is cheap and large tracts are normally cheaper per acre, so the number of acres & location may determine prices. Owner financing is still available on many rural tracts due to the lack of interest in those areas and due to such a terrible interest rate available to those with money, making them buy and, and finance it, all the while hoping to take it back due to non payment. 
Be careful, make sure the contracts you sign are honest, have a real estate lawyer look over the papers before closing and make sure the things you agreed to we included in the contract. For example if the financing is per acre and you agreed to receive an ownership in each acre you paid for in full , make sure that's in the contract, and make sure each acre is surveyed individually and denoted in the contract as to which you receive and in which order. 
Whatever you do, never build on land anything that's not 100% paid for before you begin construction, as you want to keep the land together - never losing it to any foreclosure ! If your contract was drawn right the parcel you build on is therefore all yours, and the tax offices as you will only receive a "Fee Simple Title" not the proper Allodial Title, ( more on this is just above in another article.
That said, when you want to build on financed land either a building on wheels or wait until the lands all yours. Clearly, you would be much better off with a paid for Georgia Adobe tiny home, on any land yet to be paid for and this can be accomplished. Yes, it's more expensive because of the mobile aspects of a tiny mobile home, than a land based structure would be, but it's safe and should the world go into another economic spiral down, your home goes with you behind a pickup truck over to your paid for property.

When you are ready to build on land, a Georgia Adobe Home that's Earth Sheltered ( not underground ) is not only the least expensive home option to the DIY'ers, but the Georgia Adobe Home can take on the appearance of the castle your heart desires !
The Georgia Adobe land based design is a fine home that:
* Can be built as a completely insulated, Earth Sheltered structure or free standing building .

* A Georgia Adobe has the lowest maintenance cost of any other structure available, as that it is built of Earth & other natural and recycled materials, means the build cost is dirt cheap too !

* Georgia Adobe's Heat and Cool themselves, ( that's an energy savings normally of 50% so making your own electricity just got half priced ),

* Georgia Adobe's can make power ( combinations of solar with generators is common ), NOTE: They can make fuel too, but we will blog about this later. 

* The Georgia Adobe roof cleanly collects rainwater ( and then stores this fresh water in underground Cisterns so no water bill )

* The Georgia Adobe Home reuses some select water for limited reuses and this is called Greywater. The homes washing machine water, the shower and tub water both, can be water that's reused for watering your plants, if you set up the plumbing correctly, for its reuses on any home. 
Flushing the toilet with that water ends all common uses of water and that water goes to your septic tank, but in doing so it becomes a landscape water reuse, underground.
* The Georgia Adobe Home's largest foyer entrance is normally on the Southern sunny side of the House and inside that space there's lots of light available. Due to the sun's axis changing from season to season, in Winter the sun will be low in the sky. That brings in warmth when you need it. In the Summer, the sun is higher in the sky, tracking East to West and with the Southern Windows tilted properly the majority of the sun bounces away from the glass, thus giving your home just enough for planter boxes along the front windows, which can grow lots of your own food safely year round. Greywater can be used there many times before final disposal.
After this the building of the home can be , if you are building in the right locations , done at your pace. Other places require a finish time of 12 months and if you don't finish sometimes you have to start all over. So the moral here is start by choosing the right place to build with freedoms still enforced, not codes, and as few as possible permits and inspections is always best. 

Is There More You Ask ?

Yep, But You Will Need To Take The Building Seminar To Hear It OR

Call Joe Woodall and Hire Georgia Adobe To Teach You !

Dial 706-363-6453 Mon - Fri 10 AM - 5 PM to speak to us .

Space & The Universe 

Our Solar System, and all other star systems, form from a collapsing nebula. Often called stellar nurseries, nebulae are the birthplace of stars. They are made up of mostly hydrogen, but also contain other matter like gases, dust, ice and rock. The gravity of the nebula, pulls this matter into the center, and the nebula experiences a gravitational collapse. If the compression raises the core temperature enough to reach thermonuclear fusion, the center mass generates a proto-star. This process takes about 10 million years.

The results ?

The Creation And Building Materials Of Everything !


The 2nd Amendment

The mass shooting events in Texas and Ohio are, but a week old and some interesting legal positions by real lawyers, has made an appearance on the internet. Here below is one, that sounds logical to me. 

​Understanding Legalities of Walmart Rifle/Body Armor Event

By Attorney Andrew Branca / August 10, 2019