Feb 2, 2021
Item #1:
The below goes to a .pdf which is the is the statical data on why President D J Trump Won the 2020 election as sourced from 

Item #2:
I'm starting a new website and a non-profit political organization to get called back from office, all those whom were illegally installed into public office, including local, state and national elections within the US if that becomes possible, and to further the conservative America First cause.

This is a new effort for me and I ask for my friends and readers of this newsletter, to please contribute your ideas to help build this into a working platform, for the silent - yet wronged majority of America's benefit.

  Please feel free to write me, with your ideas and also to contribute your written works towards this effort, as the new website is developed.

The website name registered is:
And it should become functional soon. 

For now it just comes right back here.

Thanks for your support !
Joe Woodall


HR 127 completely disregards the US Constitution and COULD make a Felon of almost every American ! Write your US Congress person and US Senators and demand that this not be allowed to become US LAW !



Build Back Better !

Georgia Adobe stands ready to help your Build Back Better Project.

Contact Georgia Adobe at 706-363-6453 to begin ! Watch this for a lesson and learn how you can get funding for your new, multi family-multi cultural project .

Joe Woodall's News Letter Friday 02/05/21

1) Are they admitting their guilt ? 
Molly Ball 's Time Mag Article

The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election

Watch this Video. It details the Nov. 3rd election results, the parts that the conventional news media will not show you ! It's at Mike Lindell's website, (He's The Owner Of My Pillow) 

Have a safe weekend !


A significant gun control measure mandating universal background checks passed the Democrat-controlled House Thursday with the help of eight Republican Traitors.The eight Republican Traitors were:

Vern Buchanan of Florida
Brian Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania
Maria Salazar of Florida
Andrew Garbarino of New York
Chris Smith of New Jersey
Fred Upton of Michigan
Carlos Gimenez of Florida
Adam Kinzinger of Illinois