Many sizes are available for example:  18 ", 24", 30", 36" , 38" , 39" ,41" and some 42 ".

We normally stock 41" Electric Acoustic and regular Acoustic guitars in dreadnought and cutaway styles with both nylon or bronze strings pre-loaded by the manufacturer.

We do not stock name brands due to the greater cost, but we check out our guitars and all instruments to make sure they play properly (just as a name brand might function) , and ours are without the higher price of name brands !

99% of our guitars are produced in China and imported into the USA. and we order from US suppliers and normally have a few in stock of the 41 inch size. All other sizes are pre-paid items and are about 7 days away from pick up or delivery from our store.


Many sizes are available 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, and full or 4/4. At our warehouse, we only stock full size 4/4 Reproduction German Violins, made in China  at very favorable prices ! 

If purchase links are not available below, please telephone us at 706-363-6453 for a current price, as it all keeps changing , including availability and freight costs.

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