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YES, using our Rammed Earth mixes, for walls of all kinds , from beautiful homes to beautiful entrance walls and border fencing too is quite possible and Georgia Adobe will be glad to assist you and design and build your walls locally to our offices. The sheer beauty alone amazes most people when they can see what comes from the land, on smooth or even with rough textured walls.

For location {away from our driving range} we will maybe able to find the laborers to assemble most any size project and can be on the job site to ensure your project goes well. Thus, in your town or even in another country. Georgia Adobe can always come to most locations, as consultants, or as the builders of our Rammed Earth Homes and walls, providing the project will allow such assistance. Local codes vary so Local licensed professionals may be required in many places, which should be learned before any construction starts. We can also work from the internet, to help tackle your project and DIY.  So no matter the size of your project, Georgia Adobe is glad to assist , as you need it, often saving our clients, the cost associated with our travel and the moving of men and equipment. Be sure and ask us about coming to your project when you contact us !

Many of my personal friends, perhaps know of my desire to build a Southern National Border Wall, all from Rammed Earth.  So Yes, Rammed Earth works quite well,  for most all walls , from housing of multi story buildings and fencing too, but several steps must be taken in addition, to the fence itself, for complete safety of the project and this is certainly true for any retaining wall work.

For Example some of those additions are: 

Horizontal supports must be laid into the banks of all retaining walls when built over 3 feet tall, but often , this is just not required for the free standing walls as they maybe thicker or have other engineering inside them to strengthen the wall sections. Some measure of proper moisture protection, with a footer and a top bond beam, is also normally needed for all walls and changes in the shape, from rectilinear to curvilinear is very wise too.

Here below is someone else's video example (chosen as they are clearly a novis with little information to build with that did good work with a few mistakes) , but who has successfully crafted at homes a low retaining wall, all from "some mixture", of sand and clay with Portland cement perhaps added, all resulting in a low Rammed Earth wall. Additionally below, is an example of "The Hakka Earth tower apartment building, a 300 year old unique chinese residential building in Fujian province."

If curvilinear is not desired, an elongated "Z" pattern is the next best, with straight walls being the very last choice , due to the great increases of wall width required , to maintain strength when straight walls are built. 
 Always a moisture barrier must be added to and/or a sealer added, (applied on a 1-5 year basis) , over all exposed Earth Work surfaces, is of paramount importance as well as proper mixes .

As we find our photos of some larger walls, we will post them here below.

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The Hakka Earth tower, the 300 year old unique chinese residential building in Fujian province.

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