Georgia Adobe Homes™ are constructed from insulated Rammed Earth, permanent form materials, and recycled materials can be built in any country in the world they make their own electricity, collect potable water, contain their sewage treated onsite, employ Greywater recycling, make fuel, incorporate in home food production.

Our Ecoitecture Systems have 45+ Years Of Development 

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Think you may have lost funds out there ~ somewhere ?

Perhaps, We Can Get You The Money !

The account professionals at REFUNDS.COMPANY™ are committed to finding and recovery of lost funds and getting them to our clients. 

We work worldwide, primarily on a fee basis +/verses commission and our clients only pay on results !  We are not "Lawyers" , and do not offer "Legal Services", but we do hire Lawyers on confidential financial matters, for the representation of our clients sometimes, when required and to expedite matters efficiently, but that's an expense to the refund process, thus we limit that to as required only. 

The commissions vary for our services of monetary discovery, power of attorney, presentation of a claim for lost funds and recovery of the refund due, etc. 

We are a Georgia Corporation, a division of Woodall Auction Company™, we maintain bona fide escrow accounts, that all funds are received into and per signed agreements with our clients, we go and recover their lost refunds for them and then after those funds are secure in our account and no liens are requiring other dispersals, we send our clients their lions share of those funds minus noted expenses. It's really about that simple so to learn more about how REFUNDS.COMPANY™  can serve your lost funds needs, contact:

Joe Woodall, President 
pH: 706-363-6453
Offices At :
231 Harris Lord Cemetery Road
Commerce, Georgia 30530
Office Hours Are 10 AM - 5 PM Mon. - Friday

We Are Closed On The Weekends And For National Holidays