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The account professionals at REFUNDS.COMPANY™ are committed to finding and recovery of lost funds and getting them to our clients. 

We work worldwide, primarily on a fee basis +/verses commission and our clients only pay on results !  We are not "Lawyers" , and do not offer "Legal Services", but we do hire Lawyers on confidential financial matters, for the representation of our clients sometimes, when required and to expedite matters efficiently, but that's an expense to the refund process, thus we limit that to as required only. 

The commissions vary for our services of monetary discovery, power of attorney, presentation of a claim for lost funds and recovery of the refund due, etc. 

We are a Georgia Corporation, a division of Woodall Auction Company™, we maintain bona fide escrow accounts, that all funds are received into and per signed agreements with our clients, we go and recover their lost refunds for them and then after those funds are secure in our account and no liens are requiring other dispersals, we send our clients their lions share of those funds minus noted expenses. It's really about that simple so to learn more about how REFUNDS.COMPANY™  can serve your lost funds needs, contact:

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Everyday in the USA. 3000 properties (and someday's more), are seized by governments for back property taxes !
This amounts to $14,000,000+ million dollars in value, removed from the public at large, daily !

Sometimes more than just the tax amount due, is actually collected at the public auction sale by the government, on the courthouse steps, but they are not under any obligation to report any overage to the public, nor to the former owners.

What happens to the money you ask ? After a short while, It is surrendered to the local government for their use, and is never reported to anyone. For a small fee, Georgia Adobe LP and our division 
Refunds.Company , can help you get that money back, if certain conditions are met.  More about this later.

The reason this taking of the peoples assets and money can happen is, because our state law makers all across the US., have taken away our "Allodial Property Ownership Rights" and replaced our titles to land and other property, of all kinds, with something called: the "Fee Simple Title".

The latter gives us property owners very limited rights and allows liens to be placed upon any of our properties , followed by the taking of our properties by foreclosure and then those lien amounts recaptured through the public sale of our properties.

Titles MUST BE CHANGED, BACK TO ALLODIAL TITLE, if we ever hope to actually own and control our own assets again !

Like so, some 3rd party could receive a win in court against you, ( sometimes you don't even know this is going on ) , then after being awarded that win, go to the courthouse and place a lien or legally said ( file a Lis pendens against your property ) foreclose upon your property, then sell that lien to reimburse themselves,  upon the courthouse steps in a foreclose sale, just the same as national, state or local governments do when taxes are due.

End result, you could lose your home, lands and other assets, and still have the debt to pay back to your original mortgage company,  held against you, and this will badly effect your credit ratings too. THIS MUST END !

"Allodial Title " prevents any of these processes from transgressing against your assets, unless you specifically give your written promise of select assets, to back some loan or obligation you agreed to. If you don't give assurance,  against your property under "Allodial Title ", no one could ever take or touch the title of your assets !

Okay, now 3 easy questions :

#1. Doesn't "Allodial Title" sound like a better Property Title System  than we have now, as it actually protects "The People ", from any unjust enrichment, of someone not entitled to that enrichment ?

My Thoughts : I Say Yes Allodial Title must be reestablished "post- haste" ( now ) !

#2. Do you now own your property under "fee simple" titles ?

My Thoughts: No under Fee Simple We Don't Own Or Control Our Property.

#3.  Are "We The People", better off under "fee simple title laws" or better under "Allodial Title Laws" ?

My Answer : Fee Simple is not in our best interest and must be a campaign issue. Further, Allodial Title must be restored to The People so we can fully own and control our open properties again !

In this writers opinion, under " fee simple"  our properties are not ours and they subject to be taken, in processes know as " unjust enrichment " and " inverse condemnation ". 

We would we better off as property owners, if we legally again held "Allodial Title" to all of our assets, as then no man, no company, nor any governments, could seize nor foreclose upon us, unless we promised a specific asset, against some debt.

"We The People" have this property right stolen by crooked politicians in state and national governments and so many other rights that were also guaranteed by the US Constitution and " We The People " should force those holding the reins of power, to restore our full ownership rights to us the property owner and stop any other entity, from seizing any of our assets due to some claimed debt.

Georgia Adobe offers several different consultation services and one such service is the recovery of lost funds, that may have been taken from innocent, hard working people in such methods. We also advocate for the public in private and in courts of law when required,  to help uphold their God Given Constitutional Rights, where they maybe trampled upon. This is not the service a lawyer offers,  it is much greater service than that, as an adviser, and as a private parties advocate.

If you feel you have been wronged or a need our services, please feel free to telephone us, to discuss your situation free of any charge. There is never a charge to you, just see if Georgia Adobe LP & 
Refunds.Company  might can be of help to you or your cause, so do pick up your phone & call us  between 10 AM - 5 PM Mon. - Fri. Asking for Joe Woodall at 706-363-6453. 

If we are on the other line, and our voice mail catches your call, please leave your name telephone number and a brief message, and Mr. Woodall we return your call, ASAP.