*In the past 10 years, our company has been besieged, by foreclosure victims, desperately seeking a way to have a new home to house their family in, that has no mortgage just, so it can’t be stolen as their last home was by the ( both foreign and domestic ) low life lawyers, thieving property tax departments and low life bankers. We are delighted to help, in anyway we can and in the past much of what we have worked upon has been in locations that have no zoning , no permitting and nearly no codes and for a building that's set onto a foundation or Earth Sheltered so as to be never moved, this is great.  There is a way to stop this trend and also to again to own your own mortgage free space again, all with just a few augmentations, to what is normally thought of, as the conventional structure, it's the mobile structure.

It turns out, that any road worthy tag-a-long trailer, even when owner built, can be lawfully road tagged in about all 50 US. States, so all one needs, is an enclosed trailer of some pleasing configuration, that meets road specs, so that ones property can be correctly stored inside that trailer and moved safely upon the roads in a tagged trailer.  How you use it when you arrive , is your business.

When asked, we would never respond, that it’s a motor home, not a recreational vehicle, nor a tiny-home, as this leaves one in danger of being required to comply with several building codes, HUD regulations, DOT, federal and state regulations, and Recreational Vehicle Codes, even city and county regulations and codes plus other possible regulations including even homeowners association covenants or rules in municipalities or parking lots, which might not apply, to a simple tag a long enclosed trailer, to move belongings in; but would apply to tiny homes etc..

And, what’s inside, as long as it’s legal to own, and how you use it when you arrive at the day's final destination, as long as you are in control of the property it’s parked upon, becomes your business, as this is just a tag-a-long trailer. Notice the word trailer here, and there are many reasons to call it this, we will detail below.

When anything is on the road , the government including the DOT and police may search the vehicle, just as lawfully, as in the case of any other personal vehicle on the road, as it’s your personal property, search warrants or your permission is required for governments entering or searching, your personal property. This differs for commercial vehicles as that commercial licensed drivers, must submit to any lawful search, without warrants upon demand.

Additionally, when your vehicle or trailer is on the road, it’s never legally considered your home at that point, as it’s on wheels, on a government road, and thereby under DOT control. B.T.W. The DOT is the most powerful government entity out there, that you may encounter on an everyday basis, so respect the DOT, as you would the police !  *Notice none of this is to be considered legal advice as only lowly lawyers, may give any legal advice and the writer of this article, is not a lowly lawyer, just a writer passing on what they understand, delivered as their opinion.

Additionally, alternative materials can be used to build with, in certain situations and this can save the builder and homeowner ( strike that call it trailer owner ), lots of money. Building a structure to use as needed onto a trailer, ( even if configured as a home or storage building might appear )  gets owner's past the limitation of what ground based permanent dwellings or RV's must go by, and  building codes apply to thus would apply, if that trailer were to be designated as housing, so it's a trailer.

Anyone with a regular driver's license can legally tow upon a public roadway a trailer, up to 13 feet 6 inches tall, by 8’6″ (102 inches) in width and up to 36 feet long. With a Farm or Emergency vehicle license, or CDL other drivers can normally tow trailers up to 48 - 53 feet long, (in most states 53'), behind their personal vehicle, when designed to tow that size load or trailer, all without any special movement permits or permissions, and we write here of only when it’s a personal trailer, and if the proper road tax "tag" is purchased and displayed, as tags are normally displayed.

Due to towing weight limits, the axles must be sized properly for the load of the trailer and with contents properly stored to keep those loads centered. You will also likely be required to have that weight info available, when requested by the DOT if they stop you and will normally have to go through and be weighed at highway weigh stations, as they are encountered during a trailer move.  

Now, clearly, not everyone would even desire to tow their home daily, and towing something 53 feet long, is quite a load in itself, that requires more skills to handle, than any small lawnmower trailer might require, but a trailer somewhere in between those 2 extremes , ( call it a tiny home in private if you desire or not ~ who cares when in private ! ), but the trailer can be legally moved by its owner, as needed if done by an experienced licensed driver, perhaps when the land on which you find yourself parked, suddenly becomes less than desirable.  In these ways building codes and other regulations can be avoided and when parked where no zoning or codes apply , life can become simple again. Yes, better housing is Earth Sheltered and Georgia Adobe™ has way to do this with trailers too, but that's a discussion best for a personal conversation with the company.

In addition, a full utilities package can be supplied through Georgia Adobe's™ Ecotecture™ Systems division and a package of these personal utility elements, are always available with all Georgia Adobe Homes™ too .

*Notice none of this information is to be considered legal advice and it’s only the writers personal opinion, as we all know that only those lowly lawyers, may give legal advice to any other person and the writer of this article, is certainly not a lowly lawyer. Georgia Adobe Ecoitecture™  can help you with every stage of your trailers development , from designing the trailer plans that work for you, to helping our clients to source their materials as needed for the build affordably, and in many cases, we can even build the trailer too.  Notice also please, we never said we would be designing a building or a mobile home, just a road-worthy enclosed trailer. This is a legal difference, you should remember as that, it’s a road worthy enclosed trailer, to put things in and then move them down the road safely, not a house, tiny or not. After it arrives, you can call it what you want, in private.

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Many people remark they want a tiny home, but a large bedroom/living area, but a separate kitchen away from their home, so the home won't warm up so much in Summer.

As That, Mobile or Stationary Units can always be added to structures, as you desire them, Why not take a page from early American homes, and just build a separate kitchen ?

Here is just 1 design idea, of how that might work, with a porch or breezeway between the bedroom/living spaces and the kitchen diningroom spaces.

Anyone up for a pool and spa addition ?



The Next Big Thing !

Either way you decide is right for you, Georgia Adobe™ would be pleased to try to assist you, in accomplishing your goals !

Contact Us to move forward on your project . If building tiny and being in one location that has regulations governing what you can do is desired, this video describes the process, pretty well, and our company can help with this too. 

Georgia Adobe Homes™ are constructed from insulated Rammed Earth, permanent form materials, and recycled materials can be built in any country in the world they make their own electricity, collect potable water, contain their sewage treated onsite, employ greywater recycling, make fuel, incorporate in home food production.

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