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A Georgia Adobe™  is a passive or active off grid solar home, constructed from mostly from Free locally available & natural materials, such as Rammed Earth ! As that the materials are inexpensive nearly every adult can afford to build a Georgia Adobe™  Home.  One of the amazing things about Georgia Adobe’s™ is just how versatile the design can be, from totally passive solar or nearly conventional looking, while hiding its modern sophistication, unlike any other structure on earth  !

Here Are 40 Great Reasons, To Build A Georgia Adobe Home™ :

1) Foundations Are Not Required To Start Your Construction
( Although Foundations Always Make A Better Building , we do it differently and this can save you money )

2) Far Less Labor Is Involved Overall, Than With Conventional Structures

3) Less Cost Of Building Materials Is Required,  Than Is With Conventional Structures

4) Georgia Adobe’s™  Are “Earth Sheltered Done Right”

5) Earth Sheltered Georgia Adobe’s™  , Are Very Aesthetically Pleasing

6) Earth Sheltered Georgia Adobe’s™  Are Automatically Temperature Controlled, Staying Constantly About The Same Temperature
Year Round

7) Earth Sheltered Georgia Adobe’s™  , Can Grow Your Fresh Food From Built In Wintergarden™  Greenhouses
As A Part Of The Main Structure

8) Rammed Earth Construction Materials Are Almost Free 

9) The Construction Skills Required To Build A Earth Sheltered Georgia Adobe™ 

Are Few And Even Children Can Build Earth Sheltered Georgia Adobe’s ™ Designs, With Accuracy !

10) Earth Sheltered Georgia Adobe’s™  , Are Rapidly Constructed And Have The Ability To Be Emergency Replacement Shelters
Built From Local Materials, Often Thrown Away Or Available Upon The Land, Right Where The Construction Takes Place

11) Earth Sheltered Georgia Adobe’s™  , Are Almost Completely Fireproof

12) Earth Sheltered Georgia Adobe’s™  Capture Rain Water & Snow Melt, Thus Providing A Water Well, From Your Roof 

13 ) Personal Safety Is Heightened, As That Earth Sheltered Is A Bio-Safe Georgia Adobe™ And Are Nearly Hidden - Yet Defendable  .

​14) Earth Sheltered Georgia Adobe’s™ Can Process Onsite, All Their Waste Water

15) Earth Sheltered Georgia Adobe’s™ Are Storm Safe Shelters

16 ) Sturdy Earth Sheltered Georgia Adobe’s™ Make Their Own Off Grid Electric Power

17) An Earth Sheltered Georgia Adobe’s™ Life, Is Measured In The Centuries, Rather Than Single Years

18) Earth Sheltered Georgia Adobe’s™ , Have Far Less Maintenance Cost, Than Above Ground Conventional Structures Do

19) Earth Sheltered Georgia Adobe’s™ , Give The Residents Greater Land Use. Possibilities.

20) Earth Sheltered Georgia Adobe™ Homes, Can Be 100% Paid For Before You Move In

21 ) Wine, Food, Root & Storage Cellars Can Be Incorporated Into The Structure, All Safe From Predators.

22) Earth Sheltered Georgia Adobe™ Homes Are Able To Have More Closet Space Than Conventional Structures And More Can Be Added Later

23) Earth Sheltered Georgia Adobe™ Homes, Are Easily Expandable, When The Need Arises

24) Earth Sheltered Georgia Adobe™ Homes, Are Carbon -0- Buildings, When Built Per Our Plans.

25) Earth Sheltered Georgia Adobe™ Homes Are Less Noticed By Passer's By.

26) The Ease Of Concealment, Inherent To Earth Sheltered Georgia Adobe™ Homes, Also Makes Great Hunting Cabins,
Permanent Residences Or They Can Become Landmark Commercial - Retail - Multifamily Structures, If Desired

27) Earth Sheltered Georgia Adobe™ Homes Are Basically Soundproof Inside

28) Earth Sheltered Georgia Adobe™ Homes Are Well Lighted

29) Earth Sheltered Georgia Adobe™ Homes Are Well Ventilated 

30) A Earth Sheltered Georgia Adobe™ Homes, Will Cost Far Less To Operate, Than Do Conventional Structure.

31) Earth Sheltered Georgia Adobe™ Homes, Can Be Build To Be Code Compliant, "When Required".

32) Earth Sheltered Georgia Adobe™ Homes, Can Be Passive Or Active Solar Buildings.

33) Small Earth Sheltered Georgia Adobe™ Homes, Can Often Be Built With Nothing But, Simple Hand Tools

34) A Earth Sheltered Georgia Adobe™ Home, Can Have Hidden, Private Or Sweeping Flamboyant Entrances , It’s Your Choice !

35) An Earth Sheltered Georgia Adobe™ Home, Can Blend In With Nature Or Become A Landmark

36) Any Heating Or Cooling Equipment, In Use In A Earth Sheltered Georgia Adobe™ Home, Can be of the smaller single phase type,
thus costing less to buy or operate.

37) Large Or Small Georgia Adobe™ Homes, Can Be, Earth Sheltered  Or Not 

38) FEMA The Federal Emergency Management Agency, Often Approves Public Earth Sheltered Community Emergency Disaster Shelters, Enabling The Builder To Perhaps Qualify For, Some Federal Funding Assistance And/or Grants For Construction Cost Assistance.

39) Bank Financing, Is Perhaps Available, When The Benefits Of Georgia Adobe™ Structures Is Fully Understood

40) Insurance Coverage Cost, Is Often Far Less Than Conventional Structures, As That Georgia Adobe™ Homes
Are Virtually Fire, Flood And Disaster Proof

Once A Proper Feasibility Plan Is Completed, Starting Your Georgia Adobe™ Project The Right Way, is An Easy Step !
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