The nickel–iron battery (NiFe battery) is a rechargeable battery 
having nickel oxide-hydroxide positive plates and iron negative plates, 
and a electrolyte of potassium hydroxide. 

The active materials are held in nickel-plated steel tubes or perforated pockets. 
It is a very robust battery which is tolerant of abuse, (overcharge, overdischarge, and short-circuiting) and can have very long life even if so treated.

Over a century ago, Thomas Edison found a battery design he considered nearly perfect. Georgia Adobe™ is proud to offer our updated version of Edison’s great battery design & THEY HAVE 63 YEARS OF RECENT TESTING TO BACK THEM UP! The Nickel Iron combination is the best combination for Solar Power back up for  on or off-grid battery systems, because of its tolerance of about every possible condition and Georgia Adobe™ batteries have such an extremely long life.  Thomas Edison said: “A good idea is never lost, even though its originator or possessor may die, without publicizing it, it will someday be reborn in the mind of another...” 

Well Friends The Time Is Now !  

  Energy Storage, maybe considered many things, but is a device, medium or process that stores energy for later uses.  For example , JOE WOODALL'S Georgia Adobe Home™.  It's an energy device to begin with, in that it holds energy in its walls and floors, and is a fine home too, that you can purchase now !

  The Sun, a River even a Methane Gas Digester by contrast is a energy storage device, a few of these may also even qualify as a "purchased renewable energy device" for tax credits ( consult your tax professional for that info ) .

  The battery is the common method most people think of, as their choice of energy storage mechanisms, yet not all batteries are created equal. Car batteries for example are not "deep cycle batteries" and are only designed to be recharged just as the power is drawn off, so they are not ideal for any off grid use except as starting batteries on an engine.

  So called "marine batteries, golf cart batteries and so called deep cycle lead acid batteries" have long been thought of, as the better battery, to store energy into, ( often available in 6 - 12 volt ) , but they don't last more than about 3-5 years on average, and only with very expert care.

  Before them we had something better, but that most people have not heard of today.

  What was that, you may ask ?

  They were commonly called the "Edison Battery", which was actually invented by inputs of knowledge from Nicola Tesla and then actual production by Thomas Edison. These batteries were comprised of Nickel and Iron materials and a safe liquid, and used for Much Deeper Cycles of power draw down, than any other device in their day or in ours now.

  These batteries were installed everywhere initially, from initial city power plants as back up to fine homes generator systems, since they could hold more power than any other batteries of that day and age,  yet be recharged unprofessionally and not harmed by the inexperienced operator. Their weight made them difficult to move around, or deliver and with mobile applications, such as electric automobiles needing batteries, (even though Thomas Edison built an electric car powered with the Nickel Iron Battery), it was never a financial success for Edison and lightweight lead acid batteries took over "the mobile world applications". The Edison Battery survived long afterwards its mobile application ceased, and were a favorite for 50+ years of uses, in phone companies, trains and their switching systems, at most commercial power plants and at fine homes, all due to their long lives, deep discharge and reliability without worry.

  Due to the nature of all business, normally desiring a replacement sale A.S.A.P.,the  less long lived batteries were quickly developed, to sell the general public, these batteries that were also lighter weight , thus allowing easy inclusion into internal combustion motor vehicles as starting batteries and since they allowed vehicle owners to DIY & easily change them theirselves, as often as maybe needed,  they were more readily purchased by the public. This resale ability of the battery by big battery companies (about every 2 to 5 years) brought the battery industry into BIG profits, and allowing those profits to be scheduled into the companies future, by way of a general battery replacement thereby the Edison Battery, was long forgotten by the public.

  Where as Internal Combustion Engines were initially fueled by Ethel Alcohol and later by the first type of oil based fuels, they actually took over the transportation market, over personal electric cars too, partially due to the lightweight nature of their components, meant greater mileage between stops.

  Today, a renewed interest in electric cars and mobile and stationary power systems, has brought us many new devices to choose from, including lithium batteries, super capacitors, and other chemical processes, to create energy storage all almost limitlessly, due to the human imagination.

  Power generated on site for the home, is stationary and can be resupplied from energy from several devices at the same time, ( solar, grids, generators etc.) and has up until now, mostly been stored by batteries at the power company, but the truly deep cycle batteries on the market today are very limited still to only about 3 to 7 years, of their maximum service cycle, before they must be replaced, due to the earlier battery industries planned Obsolescence is still in place. Also because of the way they are designed they just can't last very long, so :

Enter Again

The Nickel Iron Battery From Georgia Adobe™ !

* Georgia Adobe™ Batteries can last 30 to 50 even now tested for 63 years !

* Georgia Adobe™ Batteries can withstand deeper discharges, than any other common lead acid battery down to 20% and then fully recover with proper charging.

* It's still heavier than other batteries, ( but mass equals energy ! ) & 

Georgia Adobe™ Batteries can out last all other batteries and this allows even for inexperienced battery plant operators, to learn to power their home, without destroying their batteries in that process !

* GEORGIA ADOBE™ NICKEL IRON BATTERIES are tolerant of over-charge and over-discharges like no other battery can be, and can stand below freezing temperatures easily. These cells can actually operate at temperatures down to as low as -22° Fahrenheit, and they will keep you and your family warm, even if the weather, has other plans ! 

* The Daily Deep Discharging has No Impact on the Georgia Adobe™ Battery cycle life, instead it allows for much more usable capacity. 

* With Compatibility in all ranges 12, 24, and 48 Volt configurations, GEORGIA ADOBE™ NICKEL IRON BATTERIES are compatible with all major brands of inverters and are available in up to 1200 amp hour units of 1.2 volt batteries.

* Every GEORGIA ADOBE™ NICKEL IRON BATTERY comes with a 8-year performance guarantee, along with a lifetime of technical support. 

* The alkaline electrolyte used in Georgia Adobe™ Batteries is safer  than other mediums. For example (in place of Lead/Acid ) Georgia Adobe™ Batteries medium acts as a "metal preservative" ( instead of destroying the battery by plan as lead acid batteries do) , leading you the battery owner to many more years of un-interruptible performance.

* Georgia Adobe Batteries come in 1.2 volt units, thus allowing separation of the individual cells, (just in case of any single component replacement is ever required). This means, it takes 10 Georgia Adobe™ Batteries units to complete a 12 volt system. 20 to make a 24 volt system and 40 to make a 48 volt system regardless of the amp hour ratings which starts with our standard 100 amp hour battery.

* Custom built battery racks are available from Georgia Adobe™ Architectural Metals Fabrication Shop at Commerce, Georgia; thus making your batteries, easy to access and for self checking of fluid levels.  

* THE REBIRTH OF NICKEL IRON into Georgia Adobe™ Batteries, then personally held at your home, means you never again have to worry about any short battery life and you can safely power your home fully, during even low power replacement cycles, as they come back to life, after a proper recharge, like no other battery can  !

​​Georgia Adobe™ Nickel Iron Battery Selections :
12 volt 
24 volt 
48 volt systems 
100 amp hour life 
200 Amp Hour Life 
300 Amp Hour Life and up to 1200 amp hour by special request !

Contact Joe Woodall At Georgia Adobe™ to Design & Purchase your 12, 24, or 48 volt battery systems today, by phoning 706-363-6453 ! 

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Shipping To Our Office Estimated To Be $100, Of Which You Will Pay In Advance And Any Additional At Delivery Cost Is Due In CASH At Delivery. WE Currently Order Batteries ONLY When We Have Sales, So Nothing Is In Stock Today. We Combine Our Orders To Save On Freight, Passing This Savings On To The Customer. The Time From Ordering -To Delivery To Our Office, Is Estimated To Be 6 To 8 Weeks. All Batteries Are Made For Us And Are Factory Warranted For 8 Years. All Sales Are Final, No Refunds Or Exchanges For Other Merchandise The We Sell Only Batteries For Batteries If Warranty Is Allowed  and Approved Before Submitted To Us  As These Are Special Order Items !

Please Receive A Restocking Number From Our Office And Pay The Prorated Amounts Due Prior To Us Ordering Any Replacement Batteries. To Order Other Items We May Offer, That Have No Payment Button Please Contact Our Offices During Normal Daytime Business Hrs Of 10 AM - 5 PM Mon. Friday. Phone 706-363-6453

We Reserve The Right To Cancel All Orders Or Not Serve Any Orders Out Of The Cont. USA And all prices and terms are subject to change or cancel at any time without notice. For Sale : 100+ Amp Hour GEORGIA ADOBE OFF GRID – NIFE BATTERY SETS 

If You Want To Go Off Grid - 
Without Battery Worries -
These Are The Batteries

You  Want ! 

We are gathering orders, to combine the Sea Freight thereby saving all buyers money. It takes the manufacturer 6 - 8 weeks to deliver batteries {delivery time is estimated by mfg. from date of order confirmation, until receiving the ordered batteries in Atlanta GA} - More On This Below See Terms. 

NIFE Batteries  Work This Way :
These Batteries are created in 1.2 Volt Cell combinations which when wired to each other makes:
(In this exp. holding 100 Amp Hours of Ability) , 
10 batteries to provide 12 volts or
20 Batteries Can Provide 24 Volts Or they could be split into 2 Separate 12 Volt Batteries Or
40 Batteries Can Create 48 Volts Or 4 separate 12 volt batteries or 2 – 24 volt battery systems 
It all depends on how they are wired thus the cells must be wired together to achieve the above configurations and a wiring diagram is provided for your use per the selected configuration, at your purchase time.

Maximum Charge/Discharge Rates:
The charging discharging rate (the allowable amount of discharge which is up to 80% discharge of the individual battery), that's as opposed to lead acid (no matter if sealed fiberglass-mat - so called AGM, deep cycle, golf cart or marine batteries, etc.)  which can at best be discharged down only by 20 - 50 % maximum all depending on the specific battery. So with NIFE Batteries, you can draw more of the power from your cells without harming the cells. 


Every month or, check your water level and add a little distilled water as maybe required to any cells that need it, and that is the maintenance other than normal recharging charging and any stabilizing charging monthly required to float at a balanced rate of full, charge .

Here Are Energy System Basics:
To create a simple fully functional power system, one needs some basic system components :
1.} Batteries ( The Right Batteries That You Can’t Damage From Inexperienced Operation ! ) 
2.} Breakers and switches to isolate batteries from supply, etc.
3.} A Charge Controller (So as to keep from over charging) 
4.} An Inverter (For Changing DC battery power into AC 120 Volt house power.) Normally W/with plugs attached for appliances to connect
5.} Something to generate electricity from, (Either Solar panels, Wind turbines, a Generator, Etc.) 
6.} Tools (How To Guide Booklet, Screws, Pliers, Screwdrivers - Drill & Bits, Connection Wire, Volt Meter & A Place Inside A Heated Building To Locate All & Simple Racks To Mount All Upon such as Georgia Adobe Racks Or Even temporary 2 x 6 across concrete block made into racks, have been used. 

More Advanced Expensive Systems May Also Add:

1.} Switches to transfer loads seamlessly from any utility power, with connections over to your off grid system panel (protecting the utility company from any of your power) 
2.} Perhaps A Separate Breaker Box To Wire Into any appliances 
We can supply all the above and installation too if needed BUT;

For Sale In This Ad, :
 "Nickel Iron - Real Off Grid Batteries" That 1st Thing You Need and Warranted by the manufacturer for 8 years, ( but can go 60+ years too ) and now they have been private labeled for us. This Is Not The Lead Acid Stuff, that breaks down and dies after only a few years, The factory has tested many batteries for over 60 years and they still function as before.  

Terms Of Sale And Reason For This Ad:

We are gathering orders, so as to be able to combine the Sea Freight, thereby Saving Us All Money. It takes the factory making the batteries 6 - 8 weeks to make then deliver the batteries {Not counting any holidays weekends etc , the said delivery time is estimated by mfg. from date of  order confirmation, until receiving the ordered batteries in Atlanta GA at 6– 8 weeks} . 

So that the Batteries can be manufactured, all payments must be in full and in advance, Funds are held in our Bonafide Trust Account :
(Woodall Auction Company – Pinnacle Bank Elberton GA) and can be sent to us through our PayPal account (or can be Paid In Cash At Our Office In Person NO CHECKS and BANK TO BANK TRANSFERS ARE $30 IN ADDITION TO THE ESTIMATED TOTALS DUE),  
All Sales Are Final, as we must pay up front , when ordering the batteries and can not cancel at that point, and we must complete the payment of all balances due at the shipping time, then batteries are shipped and delivered to the freight forwarding offices in Atlanta, (after about 6 weeks sea freight ) they must clear custom we will pay that customs duty tax 3.58% as when notified , You will make appointment to come to and pick up your batteries {from my offices in Commerce, GA. 30530} pay then at delivery any prorated charge differences between estimated cost of freight for batteries as earlier billed ( not a likely thing , but must be said just incase and all  per your battery order share}. 
Any Additional shipping to your destination,  is handled as a separate service sale on a case by case basis contact us for more details and


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