Now is the best time to get Solar Installed at your home !

Small systems to give you emergency power quickly and this often does not require Govt. permits, nor government permission to add it. Call us to discuss your needs and were glad to come out and install it for you, if you live in our area we have the Professional crew ready. We can sell you the products too and you can install it or we can do it for you and both new and used solar panels WHEN AVAILABLE TO OFFER can be offered, but we DO NOT any stock panels here. The below ad is an ad from last year and prices are subject to change.

Contact Georgia Adobe Homes(TM) for Solar Services , Energy Equipment and Off-grid Home Designs and Construction in the NE. Georgia Area at 706-363-6453.

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Also, Start your new project with a consultation with just 30 minutes of time online for just $125.

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