2020 Building Seminar Schedule 

Jan.         27 , 28, 29, 30, 2020  COMPLETED 

​Feb.        24, 25, 26, 27 , 2020    SOLD OUT !

Further Seminars are now on hold until further notice.


Contact us at seminar@georgiaadobe.com 

Cost: $1000 per person and must be paid for in advance 30 days before event. Paypal available but carries fees, (plus 3% for processing and takes 3 days to process so pay early to adjust for this delay ).

LOCATION: 231 Harris Lord Cemetery Rd. Commerce Georgia 30530 

The seminar cost is just $1000 (per attendee on site) and you get lots for that that small fee, to help you prepare to do it yourself.

 Sign up soon, as only 20 students will be allowed to attend in order to be able to work with each attendee as much as is possible. The weather will be cool and we will begin at 10 AM and class will go until 5 PM with several breaks and a lunch held in between.   A Free grilled hot dog lunch is offered on site, along with various prepackaged snacks offered, warm drinks of hot tea and coffee and of course Ice Cold soft drinks ! If you have a special dietary requirement , please provide that yourself, and restrooms are on site too. 

The Georgia Adobe(TM) structure is designed normally to meet all the basic needs of the structures occupants and can be on or off grid as maybe required but it's built from nearly free materials ( up to 80% ).  A Georgia Adobe(TM) structure can normally blend into any location , subdivision or setting without sticking out as that the facade can be shaped in many styles, thus there's never a need for the building to look like some 1960's hippy shack.  Built from Earth Sheltered thick thermal mass, ( often Earth Sheltered ) so a Georgia Adobe(TM) structure, can survive all most all normal seasonal climate changes and then some as the inside conditions can remain at a constant 58 degrees year round, due to the buildings envelop  transferring the Earth's energy to the building. Then the occupant can change the temperature for example by 14 degrees through passive solar. Lowering the temperature is easy too,  from fresh air entering the structure, from natural ventilation methods.

The studies of the seminar will be focused upon the Georgia Adobe(TM) methods of Rammed Earth Construction and the building codes many will encounter along with our interpretation of our collective constitutional rights we all possess as it applies to land use and home construction. All tools needed for the construction will be provided all that is needed is the attendees abilities and a mind ready to learn. All attendees will experience hands on construction and classroom time too. Dress in layers for construction work, as you may get dirty during the days events, remember it's real construction ! Construction methods and all information presented is proprietary information held closely by Georgia Adobe(TM) , thus to protect the innocent and the guilty alike, a licensing agreement for the attendee to build 1 Georgia Adobe for their personal use is included in the seminar, plus an "NDA" (non disclosure agreement) is required to be agreed to and signed by all attendees. An application to attend can be received  by email write us with your request to: 

Seminar pre-payment is due no later than 30 days prior to the seminar date, all payments are final and should the attendee not be able to attend for some reason, this pre-payment maybe applied to a later seminar during the year 2020 as seminars may become available and Additional Seminars will be offered Each Quarter of the year.


The Georgia Adobe(TM) ( history and design ) 
Thermal Mass construction basics, ( methods, tools, BMP's  )
Insulation ( floor, walls, roof )
Design Possibilities ( classroom time presenting the building process )
Passive heating & cooling, ( systems designs )
Natural ventilation system,  ( systems designs ) 
Powering the structure   ( systems designs ) 
Power generation ( systems designs batteries, inverters, controllers, wiring )  
Solar electric panels
Power generators
Solar air, 
Solar hot water, 
Common appliance options off or on grid ( AC & DC )
Rainwater collection  ( safe collection, storage, filtering and uses ) 
Greywater systems ( that can add 2/3's more uses from the fresh water collected ) 

Food production systems ( different production in various areas of a Georgia Adobe(TM) structure )
Waste Management ( systems options off grid and on grid ) 
Window creation ( bottle windows, recycling along with classroom creation of the same ) 
Door creation ( methods and materials along with classroom creation of the same )
Finishing methods ( various options )
And much more !
Questions & Answers Go On During The Entire Seminar

Individual and collective working with all attendees is offered on the projects construction site and to make sure you understand how to do it yourself afterwards for 90 days by Free Telephone and Internet Consultations being provided ( for the students attending this seminar ), so that after the seminar you can get your projects built easily and quickly and with answers to any question we could provide from our knowledge about construction for the processes we approve of.    

Interested In Attending ?

Request An Application !
Send Your Email To:  

*NOTICE: These seminars are not ADA compliant as they are held at a construction site which is not yet completed as ADA compliant. Some seminars may only held only if a minimum number of people attend and due to the physical and language requirements only those physically able to do the physical demands of construction work without physical aids and only those that speak the English language fluently will be able to attend this seminar .  For any that reason Georgia Adobe(TM) will not be able to hold this seminar, or that a student who has applied, been accepted and prepaid to attend this seminar will not be able to attend this seminar, a written notification will be sent to Georgia Adobe(TM) at the least 10 days before that seminar date by those students not attending and those students will be offered to be added first, to the next seminar available, as held by Georgia Adobe(TM) during the year 2020  . Other conditions may apply , see those conditions at our offices as they are posted.

English language spoken only all must be fluent in American English and no one other than the attendees may be on site ( no companion animals etc. Student Physical Requirements and other considerations are required to be allowed to register and attend.

Sorry, No Camping or pets Allowed On Site.

The Commerce Georgia Area, has several hotels to choose from


Contact us for any assistance needed, of directions to them you may require.


Where to build ( partly)

Refer to the drawing directly below during this reading. Always face your new Georgia Adobe buildings toward the Southern Winter Sun path, ( never build into an existing hill or bank ), put glass all across the buildings front, angled at lat. +8*  on that South side, so the sun in Winter can get inside to heat the structure passively.. In Summer, the sun is higher and won't enter nearly as much and as the glass is also angled, it will greatly reflect solar gain during Summer.

How To Build

Build a new Rammed Earth Georgia Adobe Home from recycled free and natural materials such as clay and sand, tires for free forms, insulate with 2+" of foam (or other materials that could be used) outside to keep the inside an insulated energy battery protecting you from climate changes ( also called weather ) , cover exterior walls with a sheet of plastic, before and as you add Earth bermed on to the exterior walls sides, just as you build those walls, and do so all the way to the top ( 30 ft. Min. Embankment filled all 3 sides West, North, East) is best to allow a slope away from the home for moisture to travel.

Form and pour a concrete bond beam connecting all exterior and interior walls with hurricane straps embedded to connect to roof structure. Cover with metal roofing only ( insulated & vented properly ).

 Add some air vents to the back Northern wall ( 1 each per 20 foot of roof width and at least 1 foot off the floor ), all buried in straight run on the North side (at a minimum of 5 feet deep down into the  Northern fill side ), allowing them to angle away from the structure, ( 1 inch per 25 ft ) and enter the North wall with a solid screen and door closure, which terminates on the opposite end above ground & add a vent/cover to each, so as to protect from vermin, but still allow fresh air intake upon opening inside.
 Add 1 manually opening roof vent 4' × 8', for every 20' of length, of the width of the roof to the Southern roof area  to create an draw of fresh air, when those vents are opened will give you year removal of moisture.

Food Production Safely !
You could grow ample amounts of food in the glassed front area and do add another glass wall 12 feet from the front walls glass, to create a thermal barrier for inside warmth/cool protection make sure to add a opening at the interior glass walls top twice per 20' of width.
Keep rooms inside interior glass wall to 24 feet maximum to allow proper air flows . Engineer interior walls with exterior walls, to support roof properly.
Place all rooms so as to have one 3'  opening to the front glass hallway, which stretches across the homes front.

 Roof only with metal covering ( never composite shingles ) so clean water can be harvested from the 1 pitch roof, slanted into a main back gutter ( 6" ) terminating into a series of cistern water tanks with a screen on main waterway to predicted ( roof cleansing spills should be factored to keep collected water the cleanest). You can collect 600 gallons per 1000 sq ft of collection area.
 Pipe and Gravity feed that collected water, into the North wall side if the structure ( connect all tanks to join at that location ), add water tap before any pumping action. Add 3 water filters to clean all water and then UV stabilize all drinking water.
All kitchen is black water as is toilet water but some Greywater reuse is possible too. 
For Greywater reuse design & add a Redirected piping for lavatory water, washing machine, tub & shower water. 1st to a tank that can be pre filtered before storage, then use it to grow plant materials, yes including vegetables in the long front greenhouse created by your Southern glassed facade. Specialized beds should be created that are water tight.
 Allow use of that water to be filtered again, for only the same plant uses or to be redirected to the toilet tank, so as to flush all that to the black water tank. Again - All kitchen water must "Only" go to the Blackwater septic tank !

Interior Finishes
Stucco interior walls with earth plaster ( just like you packed into the tire walls),  so as to make all as smooth as sheetrock,  fill the large gaps between the tires with mud and used & cleaned empty drink cans so so much mud won't be required. Straw could be added in begining to help form the interior wall covering as well could chicken wire, webbing with sticks ( as in wattle and dob construction).
 Build  any partition walls with as little as soda cans, Mortared together ( rammed earth walls can be used too and with only 1 foot thickness if non load bearing) all then tied to the concrete bond beam for complete stability. 

If you don't have access to doors, build the doors from cement poured into custom made forms, to fit your openings needs. Windows that are fixed ( non-opening ) can be crafted from glass mason jars ( bottles cut and taped together ) all when at the least doubled together then Mortared into place. This will allow even colored bottles use in artistic patterns.

There's lots more to learn but experience will take you far and you will if possible want to take a 4 DAY SEMINAR course in this subject from Georgia Adobe,  to learn those tips & more !