Learn real life, off grid, independent, self-sustainable design principles of Rammed Earth Georgia Adobe HomeTM construction,

in person, at our hi-impact seminar, with Georgia Adobe'sTM professionals, and in the field training and classroom sessions. 



GEORGIA ADOBE ECOITECTURE™ is seeking Independent Contractors with 10 person minimum professional construction crews, to come here and become trained in our methods of construction (at The University Of Georgia Adobe School Of Ecoitecture™) and then go out, be the builder of our choice, to build our home or other designs for our clients. We get calls all the time, to go somewhere and build houses, farm structures, bomb shelters, Alcohol Fuel and other Energy Systems, commercial structures of all types, Ect.,  but need you to grow.

This could be the opportunity of your lifetime !

We do require a State Licensed General Contractor (Georgia is W/Min of a 4 year degree in construction) currently be licensed already by the state you dwell in, to lead your construction company's team of builders and you must have workmen's compensation, 2+ million dollars of general liability (that will also cover our company named as an also insured - as we're the the job generation - design etc company) and your construction team must attend seminar/class updates every two years, and supply a complete background report of the heads of your company and some other conditions may apply; a yearly & job licensing fee, is also required for these opportunities to become possible.


Call to discuss all of this at :

Before you do, Please send over your CRIMINAL BACKGROUND REPORT FROM YOUR LOCAL POLICE DEPT IN YOUR TOWN, a list of your construction accomplishments, the number of years in THE CONSTRUCTION business, and 3 business references of completed residential full home construction jobs completed fully within the last 2 years and your complete contact info, {your company website if you have one}, and your email.

Please send this info to: Sales@georgiaadobe.com


In 2024, we will offer day 3 quick seminars, on the weekdays so all might attend and see if this type of construction  is for them. This will be at $150. per day - per student A.K.A $450.00 per person attending 3 days. As that were not doing online payments and checks will likely take up to 14 days to clear your bank;  US Postal money orders are better as they generally clear in 24 hours,  we also accept US. Federal Reserve Notes "CASH" at our office. all seminars must be scheduled and prepaid 30 days in advance of our seminar. Mail to:

Georgia Adobe  

C/O 231 Harris Lord Cemetery Rd.

Commerce, Crown Colony Of Georgia [30530] Unincorporated United States Of America Republic

We highly recommend this seminar process for everyone considering DIY building any Georgia AdobeTM home/building or construction project as this seminar, with a proper set of our plans, is often many may need, to build for themselves, if they are also well experienced in general construction and masonry work. More training maybe needed, by the less experienced and we can work with most students of all experience levels, when that student achieved a normal American High School Education. Please note complete knowledge of American English is required as a basic skill level, for all that attend our seminars or interact with our company.  The seminar hours can also be applied to the certification that's required, to become a licensed and certified Georgia AdobeTM Builder ( other qualifications apply, please inquire about this ) and/or [ if you intend to become a potential project leader, employed by our construction company at some future time or would wish to be chosen, as a future volunteer, at one of our Georgia Adobe HomesTM  seminars you will need this training, and as we develop this program, to teach others, those chosen will be contacted then]; so yes, this 3 day event, is the right place to start learning Rammed Earth Construction & You can get a leg up by studying our How To Rammed Earth Page and other construction related web pages too ! 


JULY 9, 10, 11

AUGUST 6, 7, 8

SEPTEMBER 10, 11, 12

It's Early in the year 2024 in NE GA, so PLEASE dress accordingly. Always have a change of clothes in case the weather changes 3 to 4 times a day! Notice class is upon construction sites - These Spaces Are Not Handicap Accessible!   In Georgia, it's often cold in the morning in the Early Mornings, it's rainy & muddy too and it's wet this time of year often, so please dress for this and bring multiple changes of clothes, socks & boots a couple of coats too is best when traveling, maybe even thermal under ware or thermal cover-all's are great. As a construction site,

Port-a-potty's are all that's provided at these seminars, not indoor plumbing, but as on all our projects, power and running water are there.  All construction tools needed, will be provided for each project, but you bring your own #2 pencils and paper. Leave recording equipment or phones in the car and cameras at your home, we don't allow this on our projects !


DAY #1] Starting with a morning classroom session, on Tuesday at 10 AM exploring the process of all construction processes we follow from starting of a structure all the way to plumbing, greywater systems, energy systems, windows doors, wall construction, sewage, and finish work. Handouts with details with those steps covered required to build a small Georgia Adobe HomeTM will be provided, along with the instructor answering your questions as is possible .

Then really, get your hands dirty, as the construction work begins, this is so that the seminar will show all, what it's like to build and they can at least, get the feel of how to do many of the steps involved, in how this system of construction, may apply to your project and then a rest with a Q & A session followed by some lunch together (this is planned right now to be plate lunches, from a local Zaxby's,) but TBA, to be announced at the seminar due to each seminar being a month away (or you can bring your own) & YES, Were Buying a plate meal and soft drinks & water for all that attend or bring what you want is fine, we will have instant coffee soft drinks & water there all day)  and then weather permitting later that afternoon after questions, one more Construction Session, at one of our projects. this day ends at 4 PM.

DAY #2] Then on Wed., more 10 AM morning discussions. Q & A for the attendee for about an hour , then let's coffee up and then time to go work on a project. Later, lunch the 14th will be grilled Hot Dogs, Soft Drinks And Bottled Water (or you can bring your own) on the construction site. Lunch will be done by our staff, then it's more time for construction and Q & A all along the way. This day ends at 4 PM 

DAY #3] Thursdays are more of the same at 10 AM, with a Q & A  and then construct work till noon, a break until 1:00 and working until 4 with Q & A. and a break in the middle, or along the way as the student needs. This day ends at 4 PM.


Bottle windows, Doors formed and concrete poured, ventilation of plumbing , directional production of solar hot water, solar power with generators and where to locate all, fresh water capture & delivery to the building, sewage and greywater processes, earth sheltering, site location reasoning, basically start - to finish construction process and more is covered, in our seminars, just so that you feel comfortable doing it yourself back at your home. 

Certificates of attendance will be emailed to those that complete the seminar.

This will be "a Construction & Lite paced gathering" compared to our usual work pace, just so that the newbies to all of this, can follow along and understand, thus Q & A is a big part of this process along with "Everyone's patience is required" due to the slower progress & pace. Drawings are provided, of what we are doing therein the seminar,  in place of project photos, and are the norm, due to privacy agreements we have with all our students & clients. You will be asked at sign a privacy agreement, to maintain this privacy as well, to attend the seminar and YOU MAY NOT POST THIS INFO ONLINE , IN BOOKS OR IN ANY PUBLICATION, WITHOUT WRITTEN PERMISSION AND COPYRIGHT LICENSING TO DO SO FROM OUR COMPANY AND ITS OWNER.

Classroom & Construction, will be lead by our company Founder: Joe Woodall , then with him at a local construction site 'location TBA'.

Cost is: $150. per person, Per Day, paid at a minimum of 30 days in advance of the start of chosen seminar date,  you can always come by the office and pay in cash in advance or by check by mail; We must  have 10 people minimum to do each months seminar and if not, refunds will be forthcoming if desired by the attendee, [ or a credit towards the next seminar works for us too, as each month our seminar will be 30 days apart].

Please bring no companion animals or people on the properties and bring no others than the actual paid for attendees to the seminar with you.

​Local Hotels are available close by for all to stay at, if needed. Call us for any details at: 706-363-6453

Learn about recycling free & local  materials, over into construction parts & how to save money because of it.

Here's a hint: "Tires , bottles and cans make fine & free building materials, when they're prepared for the work" & We Teach You How !

Seminars On Rammed Earth Construction