Georgia Adobe Homes™ are constructed from insulated Rammed Earth, permanent form materials, and recycled materials can be built in any country in the world they make their own electricity, collect potable water, contain their sewage treated onsite, employ greywater recycling, make fuel, incorporate in home food production.

Our Ecoitecture Systems have 45+ Years Of Development 

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So many people want that big house on the hill, 
well right up until the point, they get it and then 
they find out :

1} What the Cost of Actual Construction is 
 2} What the Daily Operational Cost will be 
( heating & cooling and lights refrigeration, etc. ), 
3} What the physical Maintenance Cost are, and 
4} What the Taxation cost is, when imputed by government on their perpetual efforts to run off anyone, with anything to tax !
These are the 4 main concerns everyone has, even if the home is paid for !

Georgia Adobe Homes are actually a big machine that employs Ecoitecture Systems to solve these problems and as such can capture water from rainfall & snowmelt, make enough power to run the home with, plus heat & cool themselves, then reuse up to 2/3 of that water as greywater , so up to 4 times totally, and even can grow abundant food inside and out so as to solve 3 out of 4 of the above cost problems, just through their design and your sweat equity.

Here's the 4 ways how all this works as a fix, for the above problems:

Note , When or if you are ready to build, call us the contact info is just below .

#1} The Cost of Georgia Adobe Homes are far less to construct by the DIY Builder, than are conventional constructed homes due to the use of Free Materials ( or at least local / natural & nearly free materials ) and then there's the use of recycled materials, instead of off the shelf materials. This lessens construction cost by up to 80%, saves a forest and avoid the big box stores price markups and the structure is designed to last hundreds of years, not just a few decades, so you are building something to be handed down.

#2} Operational Cost are also vastly less, with a Georgia Adobe Home due simply to the use of High Amounts Of Thermal Mass in the structures construction. For Example Rammed Earth is often taken right from the construction site and used to build the house with, this is called thermal mass, which allows for the capture and storage of thermal energy into the structures walls, floors and ceilings has cost benefits too past raw materials. When passive solar and passive cooling are built in this way and then allowed to function within preset limits, one gains nearly a -$0- operational cost, as that the daily average heating and cooling cost is nil. Also, the lighting is greatly reduced through passive solar gain and this combination of solar gains leaves often as much extra money in the family's budget as the house payment would be.

How much is that over 30+ years ? A lot !

#3} While we strive to design a house that's 100% paid for from the day someone moves in if they follow our plan and instructions other cost can be expected. The maintenance cost of a conventional home after 5 years starts to weigh heavily upon a homeowner's budget, so Georgia Adobe designs into our homes, methods to circumvent this problem.

For example: If the home is Earth Sheltered 
( which is NOT UNDERGROUND )
with insulated thermal mass walls, floors and ceilings can function at a higher energy level than any other home. This stored energy in those walls, when kept dry and sheltered by proper design of, Earth Sheltering on the outside, then requires nearly -0- maintenance work.

This lessens the overall cost by as much as 2/3 over the life of the structure, just for outside maintenance cost of the home.

Inside the house is also build from Earthen materials, thus it cost less to maintain and even to replace or repair any damage that may befall a wall or floor as that the materials ~ are Dirt Cheap !

As an example, if you needed to patch a wall, the materials are just outside the house in the yard, and you learned how, back when you attended seminars and built a Georgia Adobe Home™.

For the 4th problem ( Government ), here we must all take over our government's "at the ballot box" !

Go Out Win Local Elections Yourself and Change Things From Within !

Proper construction models, self sustainable energy systems and more were learned early on and Luckily, as a Georgia Adobe™ Homeowner, You Will Then Now Understand just why you saved so much money, through the years on the above as that conventional home cost is more than the house cost. When you own a Georgia Adobe Home™ you can now afford to go out, to do the sort of things, that free and elected people should do, ~ Go & Get Elected and change the world locally for the better from within.

The only difference in you is now, you know what the public needs in addition to elimination of their property taxes, they all need a fine new Georgia Adobe Home™, so you are now in the perfect position to advocate for Georgia Adobe Homes™; 
For All The People !

Excited ?

Ready To Start ?

Step 1) Register to attend a Special Building Seminar at our offices in Commerce, Georgia ( we need a minimum of 10 people per class and the cost is $995. per person )

Step 2) Buy land where you are encouraged to do so, at the seminars, in the least costly areas, which are where problems imposed by local governments ( ie: Less Zoning, Less Permits, Less Utilities Required to buy up front Etc.) are eliminated.

Step 3) Have Georgia Adobe™ help you with the plans, equipment, materials sourcing and more & go build it.

On large residences, we can even come build it for you;
( Turn Key ), 
but if you are ready to build yourself -
Start Today, and DIY, and we look forward to helping you attain your goals, to be that DIY homeowner or just learning for your own knowledge to teach others !

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Georgia Adobe Homes™  Are Built From Rammed Earth To Become The Strongest Home Possible. Earthen Homes are the way 70% of the planet's homes are built. We started out making Adobe Bricks which are actually In The International Building Code and are "Traditionally" hand made from 70% Sand and 30% Clay.  Adobe Brick, Cob & Rammed Earth are all are made from the same materials (yet cob varies widely and is less favorable), but of the 3 methods, Rammed Earth Is The Stronger Formula than the others, containing the same sand and clay a slight amount of moisture and compaction making this all natural and a faster better process, by far preferred by most inspectors, that learn what to look for in "Masonry Construction"!  

Building Seminars Classes Are Forming ! 

Please Begin The Registering Process by sending us a request to attend along with your personal resume to:

Cost Per Person is $250 a day paid in advance.

Georgia Adobe™ can work worldwide on most any project, but we reserve the right to revoke any stated offer and to correct any errors, without fault or liability , also should any of these offers not be permitted by law in your area, all offers become void without any offer implied. PURCHASE CONSULTATION SERVICES FROM 30 MINUTES TIME AND UP ON THE TELEPHONE WITH A 

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The study of Ecoitecture™ is the study of

Ecology and Construction, Combined

More about that in the link above .

Building Seminars are held several times yearly at Georgia Adobe's™ Headquarters in Commerce, Georgia. Those desiring to attend, should enroll by application. A copy of the application can be received from the email address below.

Due to employment laws - No Internships are available,

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