Learn real life, off grid, independent, self-sustainable design principles of Rammed Earth Georgia Adobe HomeTM construction,

in person, at our 4 day hi-impact seminar, with Georgia Adobe'sTM professionals, and in the field training and classroom sessions. 



GEORGIA ADOBE ECOITECTURE™ is seeking Independent Contractors with 10 person minimum professional construction crews, to come here and become trained in our methods of construction (at The University Of Georgia Adobe School Of Ecoitecture™ Commerce GA) and then go out, be the builder of our choice, to build our home or other designs for our clients. We get calls all the time, to go somewhere and build houses, farm structures, bomb shelters, Alcohol Fuel and other Energy Systems, commercial structures of all types, Ect.,  but need you to grow.
This could be the opportunity of your lifetime !

We do require a State Licensed General Contractor (W/Min 2 year degree) to lead your construction company's team of builders and you must have workmen's compensation, 2+ million dollars of general liability (that will also cover us as an also insured - as we're the the job generation company) and that the team attend class updates every two years and other conditions apply, and In some cases, a licensing fee may also be required, as well as attendance of our building seminars which are available to the public, to be considered for these positions.


Call to discuss all of this at :
706-363-6453 Before you do, Please send over your list of your accomplishments, number of years in business, and 3 business references of completed residential full home construction jobs and your contact info, your company website, and email this info to Sales@georgiaadobe.com

Our ​16th Year Of Rammed Earth Training Sessions

​​​​​Get ready for 4 Day Seminars and the 2023 building seminar season !


construction seminar sessions are scheduled for :

July 10,11,12,13 2023

August 7,8,9,10 2023

The 4 Day Seminar Tuition Fee Is Just $1,000.00 Per Person  USD + GA SALES TAX

​That's just $250 a day, for seasoned professionals to teach you how to!

Displayable ​Certificates of full completion, are US. mailed to our attendees, the week after the seminar. 

Also after this & full seminar completion, Include your seminar attendance, on your job resumes & business cards too !

To reserve your space, add your name to the list of interested people by emailing us at sales@georgiaadobe.com. Please include your name, mailing address, email address, daytime telephone number and your request for inclusion in our seminars. Please understand, 50% down payment, is required to be added to the list.

Class will be at our offices in Commerce GA (see business card directly below for those details) and this will be a combination of class room study and presentation of systems and construction work on site. Dress for a construction job site and bring extra clothes should you need a change of them, due to construction site conditions getting you dirty or wet, as we want you comfortable and learning in this intense atmosphere. Also, always bring a coat for wet-Winter warmth and warm weather clothes & extra real shoes &/or steel toed boots too, (no open toed shoes allowed), as that NE. Georgia's weather changes sometimes quickly from cold mornings, to cool mid days especially in those shaded areas, to very hot afternoons, then back to cold late afternoons, before sun down . 

In order to attend, you must speak English fluently and be physically able to do actual construction work with hands on in person training, as that this is a real construction site with no handicap facilities provided.

Training Seminar is held from:
10 AM - 12 Noon
and then from
1 PM - 5 PM each of the 4 days. Please bring note pads and pencils to the seminar. All construction tools that we expect to need, for you to learn with past this, are provided for the attendee.

As that this is "a construction site", it is best described as  "Spartan" , so only port a potty's for restrooms are provided, and well water just for hand washing. Cold soft drinks (Cokes & Pepsi's) & bottled water are provided free of charge & some limited packaged snacks are also provided for our attendees & we will grill hot dogs & serve packaged potato chips to those that want it for lunch, at the job site. Please do feel free to bring your own special lunch &/or any special snacks, that you want or require in food, past these comforts.

Please bring no one with you, nor any pets or companion animals to these events, as the facilities & the seminars, are not set up for this. The city of Commerce GA has several hotels, which are about 9 miles North of our offices, that you may be able to stay at & we can suggest their listings are found on Google, for your booking of a room. 

Notice, all attendees must sign a waver of personal liability and/or injury and also in agreement for Georgia Adobe'sTM free use of the attendees images while attending the seminar, at no cost nor charge to our company, as that we & our agents will be taking videos &/or photos of the seminar, for use in our company's advertisements &/or promotions. Attendees may also video & photograph solely for their own personal use and education these events, as long as this doesn't interfere with the session in any way and no commercial use of the attendees photos etc, may be used commercially by attendee or their assignee's or agents, without the expressed written permission of Georgia AdobeTM headquarters.

While no guarantee is offered of what the attendee can accomplish after attending our seminar, we feel that the attendance of our seminars, will better prepare all to go & build for themselves a basic Georgia Adobe Home TM [all with some labor assistance of course, as no one is able to do it all, by themselves]., but with our education imparted plus some laborers assistance (perhaps from other local, to your job site professionals too) we feel that most attendees, should be ready after attendance to certainly lead conversations easily about this building system & go present it to others, especially for their consideration of a project.

AND, we really want to help you get it done, so we're here for you after the seminar too ! Where non-attendees have pay for detailed information by the minute, our company will also answer our seminar attendees building questions freely after their seminar ends, as possible in writing [and/or on the phone too, as that other seminars & our own daily work is ongoing here year round] & this is all during the 1 year after full seminar attendance, and successful completion of our 4 day seminar. This is so that all attendees can get all the right answers, they may need, during their home construction process.

Please telephone us Now Too, with any of your questions at: 706-363-6453

Our Office Hours Are 10 Am - 5 PM Monday - Friday 

Are you already a construction professional,  AND wanting to expand your services?


We always need pro-help with our projects. Please see the article about that subject, directly below our business card. Add our card, & phone number to your phone & pictures, so you don't lose it !  

Seminar Rammed Earth

Learn about recycling free & local  materials, over into construction parts & how to save money because of it.

Here's a hint: "Tires , bottles and cans make fine & free building materials, when they're prepared for the work" & We Teach You How !