Below and From A —Z  Is The Do Pest Control Yourself .Com 
product guide for insect and rodent control, both inside and outside the structure and herbicides too ! 

A Product And/or Trap Selecting Guide Will Follow The Below Suggestions At The Bottom Of This Page With Prices. If this feature is not yet available please call our help line at 706-363-6453.

We begin with:
Ant Control Suggestions Products & Measures

1.) Product select from: 

Low Toxicity sprays including Permethrins to Boric Acid Laced Baits, Boric Acid Yard Granular's are our best suggestions for most common problems, as you can spray and kill the Ant mounds and a establish perimeter around the structure to stop Ants from crossing. When they are outside this safe zone you feed them to death.


2.) Traps Most of these Include Glue Boards and/or Feeding Station/Trap Combo's

Almost all Ants   Argentine Ants,  to Carpenter Ants, to even the more dangerous Fire Ants can be eliminated with a combination of the two methods and products including #1 these products listed above & #2 Traps . Do Pest Control Yourself has the products you need to fight pest And win the battle for your home. 

Bedbug Treatment Products & Measures

1.) Products See Guide #3 Below

2.) Traps Glue boards will mostly only help one to monitor the bug populations, but not really be very effective with elimination and control of bed bugs. Also, Only use these where no one nor pets can be entrapped in the glue boards. 
3.) Methods & Articles Steam Cleaning all bedding carpets and made from fibers is generally required, It may be effective to replace beds as well. This complete cleaning of the areas along with the addition of a regular Permethrin spraying of all possible infected areas and medical treatment of people and animals by qualified medical persons, is generally required as well.   

Bedbug identification and step by step treatment methods Articles should follow this section soon !

Carpenter Bee Control Products & Measures

1.) Products Sprays including Permethrins do well if the areas of nesting can be applicated. Wasp and hornet spray is effective for hitting flying insects and so is a spray tank sprayer with the above insecticide mixed to clean out strength, works well.  A Insecticidal Caulking applied to the tunnels after an insecticide bait such as a "boric acid laced bait" is applied to the Bee's egg-nesting hole. This way when the young hatch, they can eat their way to death - all while encased in the wall.  

2.) Traps Whereas glue boards are not very effective normally, on flying insects as there is not anything to attract the bees to the "standard glue board", but if one added a sweet attractant, some luck may come your way of trapping them. 

3.) Methods & Articles A wooden paddle or tennis racket is also great fun for all on a beautiful day, to slap Carpenter Bees into the dust ! 

Flea Control Products & Measures 

1.) Liquid Flea insecticides for household use for this we always liked : Permethrin
2.) Dry &/or Granulized Flea Insecticides Are effective both inside and outside . The is a Boric Acid Powder that will work very well in the carpets but only after they have been cleaned with a Household Vacuum Cleaner. 
3.) Tools for Flea Control Inside the Building,  #1 Household Vacuum Cleaner #2 Tank Sprayer

4.) Tools for Flea Control Outside the Building, #1 Tank Sprayer, #2 Yard Granular's 

5.) Flea Control On The Pets Many people including us have been surprised to learn the the Original Formula of "Dawn" dish washing Liquid works great on Dogs as a shampoo and kill fleas too . After that elimination of their bedding and spraying a Permethrin is very effective as well. A general wash down of the area with pine sol can kill fleas too but make sure it's completely dried before the pets re enter the area. On damp ground yard Granular's work well and are reactivated after each wetting. This can be a problem for pets if any but low toxicity products are used. We like Boric Acid products for just this reason and regular baths for dogs. Cat fleas or dog fleas can both be controlled in this yard spraying and then there's the drops applied to pets. Make sure and get your Vet to recommend the proper shampoos, and monthly insecticide applications for your pets as well before any application, just to be sure. We will have some articles and flea control products listed below soon .

6.) Methods & Articles See Above.

Fly Control Products & Measures 

1.) Fly Control Products  Fly Baits are generally sold by the pound and Permethrin works well as a spray treatment too. More on these is below.  
2.) Traps and Devices  
Scented Fly Attractant Strips Do Work, But Baits Work Better, see above.  

Control Methods require cleaning of the effected areas so scrub all surfaces and keep waste covered and areas sprayed and baited to have complete control. 

Lady Bug Control Products & Measures 

1.) Insecticides Products for Lady Bugs/Asian Beetles Permethrin Again !
2.) Traps  
Glue Boards are not very effective, try the vacuum cleaner to trap them.

3.) Methods Exclusion measures along with vacuuming and liquid spraying works best.

Moth Control Products & Measures 

1.) Products For Common Moths,

For The Control Of Indian Meal Moth Those Found In Pantry's, In Cloth, Etc. 
2.) Traps

Roach Control Products & Measures 

1.) Insecticides

For American Roach, German Roaches , Large Water Bugs & Florida Palmetto Bugs , Oriental Roaches, All Roaches Large & Small see the dry Boric Acid (BA) product at the top of this page ! It works slowly but is 100% effective when applied properly. Insects are killed or better said, dehydrated by this professional strength BA powder, over about 60 days.

Need something faster ?

Speed insect killing up dramatically with "DEMON WP" (also shown at the top of this page).  Demon is almost 100% effective on all adult insects ! It's also a one shot type of wonder product, as that any newly hatched insects in that sprayed area, will have an immunity to it for at least 2 generations. This is when you apply the Boric Acid powder (BA) , to eliminate all the new hatchlings, as they can't become immune to BA. as it dehydrates them.

  Order 1 foil pack of DEMON WP above (containing 4 little direct drop in packs inside)  to add directly to your tank sprayer, (one pack per gallon is usually the label's instruction) and you by spraying liberally, throughout the structure will eliminate pretty much all insects, just by their being near by. It works on their nerves, and could drift in a wind, so apply carefully. Remove all pets during spraying DEMON WP and Never apply inside a structure, if fish or birds are there, remove them first and don't bring them or any pets back inside, if the room is not completely ventilated and 100% dry from your spraying, (for us it's generally dry in 1 to 2 hours) .

2.) Traps & Devices

For Control Of All Roaches forget traps as they don't control insects at even 10%. They are for a sampling to see what might get stuck on the trap so you will know it some insects are still around, but forget traps for insects outside of a fly strip for flying insects.

Fly strips are an inexpensive method for the trapping of flies and can be thrown away after use.

Cost are low and we can quote you per dozen by telephoning us at 706-363-6453

Rat & Mice Control Products & Measures 
Including House Mice, Field Mice, Norway Rats, and Roof Rats

1.) Baits for rodent & mouse control 

Rat and mice baits are very effective for killing anything that eats the bait, or that eats the dead mouse too ! Use caution !  I've lost a family pets before, as both cats and dogs will always eat the stomach out of a dead rodents. Don't ask me why, it must be a treat ? 

Rodents, look for water, to comfort their belly after eating the Rodent baits and the water can be the dog or cats water, just as easily as other water supplies. My dog hid the mouse it ate outside the house, and it was a few days later that we discovered the mouse, but after my dog had died. You must therefore be very careful with use of Rodent baits, as even if the bait is inside of traps, the rodent could escape and be found by the family pet . Also, baits will kill up to at least 3 generations down-line, so it will kill the rat, and kill the rat that eats the 1st rat too, then it will kill the rat that eats the 2nd dead rat and maybe more ! 

2.) Traps for rodent & mouse control 
Generally, Traps for mice and rats work great. There are also bait box traps, available too, which attempt to keep affected rodents inside the trap, after eating. Sometimes this fails and that can be deadly to pets, if they find the mouse, (see paragraphs above for more of our experiences with baits)

The live traps and the slap traps are both effective, with the slap traps being the least expensive. With the live traps, you will have to drop the rodent into a pool of water or kill them in some other way, after you find them them, them bury them, and with the slap traps you will have to remove the rodent from the trap and bury it too, asap.

Live rodent traps cost the most, at about $25.00 each and up and up, all depending upon the size.

Slap traps cost the least, about $1.00 each and up, and are thereby also sometimes disposable. By the way, just because you killed one rat, does not mean there are not a few of it's closest relatives  inside your home too ! Keep some baited cheese or peanut butter flavored traps out for them too.
Silverfish Control Products & Measures 

1.) Products.

Silverfish live above us normally between the insulation and the light sockets above your head. Dusting the sockets with BA Boric Acid powder is possible but dusting the entire house , including attic works for Silverfish 100%. Find supplies above, at the top of this page and dust your attic space liberally and do so right over your insulation ( you may need more than one bottle to cover this attic area, as it's difficult to apply BA evenly in large areas with just a bottle to dispense it ) .

2.) Animal Traps

Squirrel Control Products & Measures 
We sell a .22 Cal rifle over on the General Store page that with a laser pointer will be the most effective on squirrels but traps work too. Then you have to do something with the live squirrel in the trap. Dropping it into a pale of deep water is quick and easy and you could visit the neighbors and drop off a squirrel in their woods too.

1.) Poisons

Poisons work but as stated above they have their collateral problems too.

2.) Repellants

The repellants that do work are mostly wire over openings. There are liquid application products that are said to be displeasing to squirrels but if they have anest inside your attic and are sitting on babies, they will be difficult to get them outside anyway, so shooting them with a .22 caliber air rifel is often the quickest way.

3.) Traps   
If squirrels are in you attic, there's a reason ( babies , see above info ) . If they are outside then they are trying to find a way inside, so traps could work ( and then you have a disposal problem again ) so yes they work and cost from $25. each for small live traps and up depending upon size and quality.
Spider Control Products & Measures
Including House Spiders, Black widow spiders And All
We Also Have Spider Control Recommendations 
These insects are easy to kill, but hard to keep their replacements from taking over the open ground left by your pest control efforts. DEMON WP ( see the top of this page ) works great for all these insects as does Permethrin .

A Permethrin SFR Insecticide 36.8 % - in the 1 quart size, is currently only $34.00  

Please see the PayPal link to purchase this, at the top of this page.


This size will likely last all season, as most only need 1 oz per gallon for House Spiders, Black widow spiders ticks, maybe 2 oz per gallon for fleas  ( always see products use instructions for final guidance as that's the law ) .
1.) Insecticides
2.) Measures To Control Spiders

Termite Control Products & Measures
Note: Termites May Leave Their Wings During Swarming Look For All Signs There are 2 Types , but if you are in North Georgia I would bet you have Subterranean Termites. These are going to require to return to a ground nest every 30 minutes and therefore normally will not be above ground long. Almost any spray will kill a termite that you see , but the ones you don't see are the problem.

There are thousands in the ground and they are seeking what you have , tasty soft wood, some moisture and 72 degrees to hatch out baby termites in year round. The trick to stopping them is don't disturbe the area, and place a long lasting spray on the areas they frequent, then allow them to walk through, during their normal day, taking this back to their nest and killing all the other termites in the nest.  

For treatment of termites 1 product  may be the best Termidor 

This kills the Eastern Subterranean Termite, the Florida Dampwood Termites, the Formosan Subterranean Termite, the Pacific Dampwood Termite, the Southeastern Drywood Termite, the Western Drywood Termite, and the Western Subterranean Termites. 

Termidor HE, in the 79 ounce bottle is only $219.00 (SEE TOP OF PAGE TO ORDER )

and this generally is enough to treat an entire house foundation and is approved for Commercial Structures, Residential Structures, Soil Treatment, and spot Termite Control.

1.) Liquid Insecticides (See "Termidor HE", above)
2.) Baits & Methods


Other Pests We Offer Products & Methods To Control: 
Bumble Bees
Boxelder Bugs, 
Carpenter Bees, 
Clothes Moths,
Honey Bees, 
Opposoms, (Possums) , 
Pantry Pests, 
Powder Post Beetles, 
Sow bugs, 

Stinging Insects, 
Stink Bugs, Also Known As Squash Beetles
Yellow Jackets

About Do Pest Control Yourself .com

We sell to Do It Yourselfer's (DIYers) all the Professional quality products and  information you may need to  Do Pest Control Yourself ! 

Information on insect identification, insect control 
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Should you not be able to find the answer here Do Pest Control Yourself  
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“Know How” is just one of the reasons, we are your best source for non-restricted  Professional Exterminator pest control  grades of supplies and equipment, that are approved by the EPA for residential and/or commercial pest control management. We ship from both Commerce Georgia, and our Atlanta, Georgia warehouses for your fastest delivery.

Q & A  Questions that we hear,  A Lot !

Q) Can I do my own pest control ?


Oh Yes, as almost any functional adult can ! 

As that most adults are easily capable of following label instructions, a proper pest management strategy that works becomes simple stuff. We provide some fundamental educational info, just to help you properly select the right stuff for the job, then you purchase our products, and then go correctly use every item. 

Q.) What do you have for us to use ?

Answer )

We carry:
* Free Info To Help You Win The Battle

* Insect baits, 
* Liquid & bait form Non-restricted use insecticides
* Traps For All Size Pest, 
* Herbicides To Local Control Vegetation That Might Harbor Pest, 
* Snake Control Products
* And Many Other Helpful Professional Items, Paid Consultations & Equipment.

* Even re-design and reconstruction services, where damage has fallen on buildings from wood destroying organisms .

Q.) Are we better off Doing Pest Control Ourselves than hiring an exterminator ?


Yes, By Far !  By using our recommended professional extermination products instead of an Extermination Companies Services, you can get rid of the pests or rodents 
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Q.) How long have you been doing this ?


Since 1983 Our 34+ years of professional experience in the industry ,
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Q.) What do you recommend ?

Answer ) 

We typically recommend the least amount of low toxicity pest control chemicals that gets the job done , so as not to pollute your living environment ! We offer baits traps and exclusion products and all equipment required to do most any job with non-restricted products.

Today professional exterminators use the process called: “Integrated Pest Management” which a combination of low toxicity products and techniques. This can include traps and exclusion methods to control pests, baits and low toxicity insecticides, used in a limited form, so as to control your target insects or rodents.

To order our products easiest, use our online ordering links below 
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Liquid sprays


We Use DEMON WP For 100% Elimination Of Baby, Adult, Crawling & Flying Insects, Starting The Egg Cycle so you can end the problems before they reproduce again. Available to the public at $25.00 Per Pack. CONTAINS 4 PRE-MEASURED DROP IN PACKS FOR EASY USE IN TANK SPRAYER. FULL Instructions are included !

Includes Delivery in Cont. USA


#2 We Like Permethrin SFR Insecticide 36.8 % - in the 1 quart size, is only $34.00 + 7% GA Sales Tax & S&H Kills most insects the first time, easy to use just mix in a tank or bottle sprayer and shoot them ! FULL Instructions are included !

Biological enzymes consume odor's completely !

They do so without leaving a trace. Follow the label's instructions and add just a couple of OZ. to 1 gal of Luke warm water in a tank sprayer. Saturate the area of offending smells and allow the area to dry. Then the smell is normally gone. retreat as required for 100% elimination. Easy to use and FULL Instructions are included !

1 Gallon of Biological enzymes ( makes about 31 gallons mixed )


Order here online or from us on the telephone if link is not present.

Orders dial 706-363-6453 M-F 10 AM - 5 PM 

For treatment of termites 1 product  may be the best Termidor HE 

This kills the Eastern Subterranean Termite, the Florida Dampwood Termites, the Formosan Subterranean Termite, the Pacific Dampwood Termite, the Southeastern Drywood Termite, the Western Drywood Termite, and the Western Subterranean Termites.   Termidor HE, in the 79 ounce bottle is only $219.00 and this generally is enough to treat an entire house foundation and is approved for Commercial Structures, Residential Structures, Soil Treatment, and spot Termite Control.​ Easy to use with a sprayer and FULL Instructions are included !

Below is An Example Of How We Apply Boric Acid. Always Consult The Products Label For Full Instructions Boric Acid 1 Bottle Professional Quality .  and FULL Instructions are included !

1 pound bottle $9.95  

+ GA 7% {.70} SALES TAX +$5.00  S & H



Got Insects On Your Flowers Or Roses ?


1 Gal. Makes 8 Gallons Of Spray and you can " Do Pest Control Yourself " !

Only $14.95  +7% GA. Sales Tax & $4.00 S&H in SE. USA.


This is the right place to get the professional strength pest control products and consultation to make DIY pest control easy, in your home or businesses.

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