Alcohol like Bio-gas fuels, can be made from many crops and more plus has none of the negative results the electric cars do !

Georgia Adobe TM) designs and builds many things including Alcohol Fuel plants. Here's a community supported agriculture project over in Soperton Georgia, by Lanza-Jet "a leading sustainable fuels technology company, dedicated to accelerating the energy transition by embracing the circular economy". They're stepping up to be the first Ethanol plant in America, designed to make Jet Fuel and a little diesel too, all from Ethanol. Read the article at this US Govt Website.  And call Georgia Adobe TM at 706-363-6453 to begin your Community Scale Alcohol Facility at 706-363-6453

Bio-Fuels in addition to Alcohol Fuels can be made from many products including farm wastes and industrial wastes.

Georgia Adobe designs many kinds of equipment for our clients and a Bio-gas Plant and Alcohol Fuels Plant are some of our favorite types of projects to design for use at off grid homes, as well as for larger community based systems, to keep local fuel prices low. Biogas Production [methane], can also solve many of the problems of life's energy needs, both off grid and on grid !

Some of the many reasons you should have Georgia Adobe
 build a Biogas Plant & Alcohol Fuels Facility for you.

The Benefits Are Many Including: 

1st, Waste streams of several kinds can become an asset, thus less of a problem, when delivered to the fuels plant. Through a Digester Tank and a feeding of natural bacteria methane gas is produced easily. From a steady supply of methane gas an alcohol fuel distillery can be operated . Then 2 types of fuel are crafted

#1)  a gas

#2)  a liquid

2nd,  the Digester Tank can develop high enough temperatures to produce ample warm water for commercial and domestic uses, including space heating all year round if required, all the while maintaining, a constant natural gas production and a natural fertilizer from the effluent expelled,  if continuous feeding of the Digester Tank is maintained. Additionally, preheating of the alcohol fuels distillery, can be accomplished with this excess heat as well.

3rd. The Compost from your Digester Tanks can be "Inexpensively insulated" (by comparison to the loss and regeneration of that energy)  and thereby for a long term capture and use that heat, Compost can be changed periodically and used for compost added to garden production in open fields to enhance their crop production.

The yearly cleaning out of a Digester Tank also produces a field enhancing particulate material, that can make those agricultural fields even more productive too, when that material spread evenly as a top dressing of liquids and solids in no till production, or even when plowed into the field. The result is normally in no till a higher mineral count crop production, with far less ground water pollution.

4th, Distillation produces a high energy value fuel, that can be used in most any equipment and for transportation fuel replacement. Surprisingly alcohol fuel is higher octane fuel  (about 104)  than gasoline is (today about 83 - 92 at your local pump) and thereby alcohol fuel will cleanly operate 99% of the domestic vehicles, on our roads today and the distillation also produces a stream of valuable waste.

When grain is distilled, only the starch is taken from the grains, thereby leaving a high protein brewers grain, for the feeding of farm animals. The growth of mass in cows is vastly faster when brewers grains are blended into their regular diet of grasses etc.. The conversion of your waste streams, then become assets, including a burnable gas, and/or transportation and equipment fuels, home cooking fuel and a constant warm water supply, which simply means less costly for community property operations, less cost to operate your equipment, less cost to operate your generators and/or vehicles too.  Even the liquid water from production can be reused or it can be added to crop fields to help production rates.

5th, By processing waste through a Digester, less environmental impact is developed locally, from your waste streams which means less pollution in your personal environment. 

6th. A local community based Bio-Fuels System designed and built by Georgia Adobe(TM) is a major asset to communities of all sizes and in all locations as waste streams are abundant everywhere Liquid and methane natural gas are needed and have a high dollar value to the facility operator . 

7th Carbon Capture brings tax credits to your community. This brings investors to front the cost and they receive those credits as an exchange. That's a net WIN - WIN !

Full consultation is available and the First consultation can be just $125. Please prepay for the first 30 minutes Contact us NOW, to begin designing your Biogas Digester - Alcohol Fuels System Today at


​​​Community Sized Small Scale Fuel Systems Assure Low Vehicle Fuel Prices For Your Town ! 

When you can produce vehicle fuels from locally sourced waste streams, "legally in the USA" and do so for under $2 a gallon, and also build the facility for production of this and other higher value products for about $2 - $1000 a gallon of production size, when you can produce food from the waste stream of distillation, when you can produce fertilizer from the waste stream of digestion and distillation, and when you can produce even higher cost by-products from that distillation,  it can make a big difference now on the operational statement and in the future too, upon the end users fuel cost, and on your local economy's ability at survival in the world of tomorrow. Add to this all carbon sequestering and carbon neutral fuels production all from wastes that no longer fill up landfills, but add to the community development, this becomes a win for all party's. This is how independence is formed, by self sustainability systems and yes, Georgia AdobeTM can design, create and deliver these systems for you and to your community.

From fruits wastes, food wastes, even pond wastes we can make fuel !

Imagine this , according to a study from the US Bureau of Labor Department of Statistics  $ 1 spent locally can stay in the local economy for 15+ transactions, thereby making $15 dollars work within your local economy and increase local sales tax revenues proportionally.

 You ask:  How do we accomplish this ?

Don't spend money on any foreign created oil based fuels and make and sell our own in your town !

 We Know How ~ We Can Help ~ & We Are Ready To Custom Design & Build You A Drop In Ready NON-OIL Based Fuel System Today, That Can Be Delivered Anywhere In The World It Is Needed ! 

What if you have agricultural wastes and need fuel ? Yes, we can design a system for this too, that makes multiple fuels ! See the yellow page example in the box below for methane fuel.

Alcohol can be made from many things easily; Making Alcohol maybe the worlds 2nd oldest profession!

From ​corn you might get 300 gal per acre per year. 
From sugar beets you might get 1000 gal acre per year.
From Pond Cattails it's possible to get 7500 gal per acre per year. And There Hundreds of crop wastes that can make alcohol too.  Making the fuel to run the distillery can come from those wastes too on site made . See the list in yellow & black below.

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SPITTERS ! Yes I Said :"Spitters" That's what he grew and they grew to fuel America and feed their live stock !

Johnny Appleseed AKA John Chapman Born September 26, 1774 Leominster, Massachusetts, British America is famous for being a Apple Tree Salesman ~ all across the Eastern USA because he grew apple trees from seed, that produced badly sour tasting apples. They Were Not For Consumption By Humans ! This was fuel and animal feedstock and the result was the fuel for lighting of America.

Today, we can all grow spitters from our apple seeds, as they don't produce an apple that is anywhere near the same flavor as the ones we are eating and extracting seeds from, but those apple trees can provide us all ( you included), with fuel to run your cars, your generators, your home heating and cooling not to mention lawn equipment as well. One Apple can provide 5+ seeds and 1 apple a day, is 1825 seeds to plant each year ! So this weekend, start some Apple Seeds in your containers and get started on your home fuel supply !

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waste products & corn, sugar, cattails , potatoes , snack foods, doughnuts, fruits pulp, apples, bananas

& Hundreds More ! 

Start your project with a 30 Minute paid consultation for $125. 

Electric Car Scandal  Exposed: Legal Insights and Global Impact - Mike Mauceli, Michael Buschbacher


Starting A New Georgia Alcohol FuelsTM Business

We are not tax professionals, and therefore can't give tax advise, but everyone can tell you what they have learned & you can check with your tax professional and confirm everything you have learned.

Potential Million Dollar Business Tax Savings:

Section 179 Deduction Limits for 2022
The 2022 Section 179 deduction limit for businesses is $1,080,000 (a $30,000 increase from 2021). Your business can deduct the full price of qualified equipment with a "total equipment purchase" limit of $2.7 million.

So  while buying property itself is not deductible, the interest and taxes are and the improvements are too. Also, new to the business equipment is deductible often at 100% as shown above . 

It stands to reason that If one runs out of deductions at the new business,  a different operating business could be set up for the next deduction gold mine, as that the Section 179 Tax Deduction allows businesses to deduct the full purchase price of a certain amount, when qualifying equipment and/or software purchased or financed during the tax year. 

Meaning, if you buy (or lease) a piece of qualifying equipment, you can deduct 100% of the purchase price from your business gross income. Deductions may also transfer over to your personal life's taxes too from some business venture when structured correctly by a tax professional.

This way, you can secure most all of the equipment, tools, and technology you need, while also taking advantage that significant tax deduction – of up to $1,080,000.

 Always Consult Your Tax Professional for more details before you invest any money. Contact Joe Woodall at Georgia Alcohol Fuels​TM by dialing 706-363-6453 to start your communities new Alcohol Fuels Plant.