Georgia Adobe Homes™ are constructed from insulated Rammed Earth, permanent form materials, and recycled materials can be built in any country in the world they make their own electricity, collect potable water, contain their sewage treated onsite, employ greywater recycling, make fuel, incorporate in home food production.

Our Ecoitecture Systems have 45+ Years Of Development 

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An interesting structure , set into the hills of Elbert County GA. and designed & built By Joe Woodall and Georgia Adobe™ in 2001  it is a 5,400 sq. ft. structure built for just $25,000 from conventional materials, by a dedicated a crew of 7 men and 1 woman, in only just 6 months time  and  Woodall Enterprises Inc. opened the facility for business, March 15, 2001, in the state shown.  

Located at 2395 Bowman Highway Dewy Rose, GA 30634 And Operated By Woodall Enterprises Inc. this facility served as Georgia Adobe's ™ offices and for construction training center as that of the Highway 17 Theatres - a modern Drive-In Theatre with 3 screens, FM radio sound and a tour gardens, and home. Inside the building were as you walked in the front door offices, concession and gift shop, 6 public restrooms, upstairs was a 2 bedroom level and up on the third story was the projection room. From the 3  windows were projected movies onto 3 screens on those sides of the property.  

With 43 Acres of farm, the facility held a corn maze each Autumn, an Antique Car Rally Monthly, First Run Movies 7 Days A Week operating from 03-15-2001 - 03-09-2009, an when closed was being landscaped by Georgia Adobe into a strip shopping center across the properties frontage, a gate house was under construction at the roads entrance, and the formal 5 acre tour gardens were being graded and a Hotel was planned for the frontage . 

Georgia Highway 17 was always a desolate area at night or day, at least until the theatre came to the area, and due to the poor economy of that area and its dropping off in 2007 forward, plus the rerouting of GA. Hwy. 17 scheduled to keep away all through traffic from the properties frontage - by several miles, and with 15+ new chicken house farms, locating so close by in the area after our construction, thereby heavily changing the original abilities of that area and poor neighborhoods atmosphere, it was no longer possible, for the facility to be built or even the theatre to continue in business, and the property was sold to the original owner and was converted into a farmers hay field once again. 

Sadly today, it has been re-landscaped and mis-managed by new owners,  all 2000 trees planted over 8 years were cut down , 1000 Norton Grape vines plowed up, and now only a dried out hay field and sits vacant , with the great building standing empty, so deteriorated from neglect since 2009, that it's far past the point of safety or its saving.  

If & when you are ready to build Your great home, contact Joe Woodall at Georgia Adobe™ to start your project and we can complete it to any stage desired, and you can always do the finish work inside and save - by doing it yourself.

Phone us at 706-363-6453 for a free 1st conservation to see how we can help you. See our web site for more info on construction classes, where you can learn to DIY in 2017 at THE UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA ADOBE™ SCHOOL OF ECOITECTURE™ with 12 classes to be held at our Commerce, Georgia Offices  in 2017. Private classes are available for small groups too ! Learn more at

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Exploring Georgia Adobe™ 

Comprehensive Construction Work:
A custom designed and officially licensed Georgia Adobe™ structure, is the finest combination of both old and new construction methods.

Old testament traditional Rammed Earth compacted masonry Earth Sheltered construction, is the basic method with materials derived from nature (Sand and Clay) , and this allows easy and almost free materials collection from most local environments, so most anyone could construct a Georgia Adobe™ building, from substances available in 90% of the world . Manufacturing companies hate this as they are left out of the economic loop, of basic construction materials . 

Add to that, the reuse of naturally occurring waste materials , indigenous to a expanding or collapsing society and almost anyone can put together a great structure inexpensively. These materials could, include :   
Glass Bottles, 
Aluminum Drink Cans, 
Used Vehicle Tires, 
Scrap Metals, 
Remodeling Waste i.e.
Wiring And 
These few materials sourced allows new construction and even urban renewal nearly freely and certainly at a cost well below any common construction estimates often at 20% of conventional construction cost for the DIYer.

Insulated Rammed Earth:
Modern construction materials are toxic to Human health, and can harbor moisture , rot , disease and fungus .

Conversely, a Georgia Adobe™ homes make a positive use of one of humanity's most intractable substances,  Clay And Sand compacted into Rammed Earth. These materials never rot, yet allow moisture to escape and don’t hold disease and can be sealed to prevent erosion.  Once the very basis for all construction world wide, this valued combination of materials has largely been forgotten by builders and modern manufacturing too, as it is freely available to most all that own land, but we didn't forget anything. When sealed on the outside and Earth Sheltered, a properly constructed Georgia Adobe™ Rammed Earth Home, can withstand nearly all weather conditions, so long as it is constructed in a high and dry location.

When combined with forms, Rammed Earth and for example : Free Used Vehicle Tires,  can be remanufactured into permanent construction forms allows the permanent use of Clay & Sand, in foundations, walls and retaining work, in a sub-terrain while remaining as a sturdy building material , yes even when Earth sheltered on the outer walls. These steel belted discards, can become site fabricated, into a permanently formed brick, retaining the man made sandstone, formed by the Rammed Earth process. Unlike other processes Georgia Adobe™  structures maintain the Earth's contact between theses “tire bricks”  keeps the walls like a true Rammed Earth structure will be, gaining from the benefits that come from this process. ( Other Earthen Construction companies don't come near our work even on this single essential element ! )

Then when earth sheltered structures are properly insulated outside, the inner Earthen wall , gives the Georgia Adobe™ the capacity to act as a kind of "thermal mass battery" holding energy, either cool or warmth, just as desired and then the building is able to slowly release that energy, back into the structure, as needed to maintain the right atmosphere inside the home.  Clay and Sand as a building material, is also listed in the International Building Code (IBC)  noted as “Adobe Brick” or "unfired clay masonry" and is therefore an "Approved" building material, for the construction of residential structures of up to many stories high, yet it’s often overlooked or just not know about at all, by even government employees, charged with inspection of construction, as it’s not a promoted - manufactured product.  Building in areas with less government involvement such as zoning, codes, and inspections is always the best place to build,  yet we have never had a Georgia Adobe ™ structure turned down for inspection reasons. It just cost you more to build where the government must 1st be educated then may be a burden of over inspection during construction in more developed areas. It's always up to you the client to build where you want , and the Georgia Adobe™​will blend in or stand out as you desire !

Floors And Roof 
While yes the floor and roof can also be a masonry product too, provided either from fired hand made brick and or Ferrocement ( a thin shelled cement hand or spray applied to as much as 4 inches thick ) other traditional options are also available, yet we must admit floors build up and finish poured from earth and stained and sealed are some of the best looking and cost far less than Portland cement floors .

 While a standard wooden truss built roofs are possible too, custom designs often require something not available from standard manufactured products, which also may add to the projects cost, but we at Georgia Adobe have built them all so we are ready to build your new home too, any way you desire.  This combination of standard and custom built allows a flexibility and cost reduction, along with perhaps Earth rendered flooring, which all provides a real seal-able beautiful surface, that can’t be duplicated in it’s beauty by ordinary Portland cement floors and allows a masonry floor, in most any area - at dirt cheap prices, from local free materials. This is also easier on the feet, knees and back than cement flooring.

Energy Profile:
A Georgia Adobe™ home bypasses the 60% of energy that is traditionally consumed in the conventionally constructed home, because of having well insulated high thermal mass inside which is also used for the space heating and cooling, through an implementation of a combined system: 
Passive Solar ( with Active Solar combined ), 
Natural Ventilation and 
Insulated Rammed Earth and The Flywheel Effect of Energy Transfer from the mass into the home naturally. 
These elements are accentual for low energy construction as they don't require electricity to operate, as a conventional homes heating and cooling equipment does. With the Georgia Adobe™ Home the building is the Equipment !  

The  15% of energy required by conventional homes for their normal domestic water heating is replaced in a Georgia Adobe™ home by passive and active solar heated hot water, and often is also backed up by on site fuel generated fuel, flash hot water heaters. The other 25% of energy for daily needs such as a structures lighting and other appliances, are provided this energy through the Active Solar photo-voltaic panels, small wind energy turbines and producer fuel generated power systems. 

Fresh Water:
When built in areas with as little as 7 inches of rainfall per year, a Georgia Adobe™ structure can, when combined with a Rainwater cistern, and Greywater reuse system,  collect and store all the fresh rainwater and snowmelt year round , then filter it for potable use and thereby provide for all the fresh water needs, just as any other structure would require. 

As that a Georgia Adobe™ also has a Greywater reuse system integral to its construction, the lavatory, shower, washing machine water can be filtered and reused to water plants or diverted as desired, directly to toilet for flushing – thereby freeing up thousands of gallons per year, for disposal use.  This Optional reuse for the growing of food plants can clean and generate as much as 4 gallons of use,  from 1 gallon of fresh water , makes greywater essential for life where sacristy of fresh water is a factor.

Food Production:
Commonly, the foyer or Southern façade is a Sunny location in a Georgia Adobe™ home and this allows for the growing of plants, but it’s also possible to do so in other structures separate from living areas.

 Food crops are often grown there, as it makes for quite the convenience, to pluck dinner salad and more from one's entranceway each day. While this is often a small 500 – 1000 square foot foyer area of the Georgia Adobe™ profile, our Wintergarden™ can be expanded horizontally quite easily, to allow for massive food production and the Georgia Adobe™ structure is expandable to any size as is required, just by a connecting breezeway, over to the larger garden or living space areas  Also, aquaponics work well in these larger areas and then fresh fish, can be enjoyed in addition to vegetables. Note it takes about 7 months for stocked fish to reach the sized desired for consumption, so a careful study is best when becoming dependent on personal food production for a sustainable home. 

By the Georgia Adobe™  being built above ground and then Earth Sheltered as the walls go up, this process provides gains from the benefits of Earth Sheltered housing construction, without actually being under the lay of the general landscape.  This is an important factor, as that no one wants their building collecting water, and Georgia Adobe’s™ are prevented from this disaster, if built in the right landscape position. Ask us for more on this subject when you call and below is a more detailed description, of how we like to build a building and choose the right location  !

Most locate their Georgia Adobe™ on the high and dry positions, in upland areas, so as to take advantage of all the views North, South, East And Western Approaches and keep away from ground runoff water. Then they berm the Earth around the walls during construction, all above the general grade, of their surrounding landscape. This ensures no water collection inside and complete water runoff , away from the structure after any desired water collection is captured from a clean type of roof surface,  into a cistern , which is normally located underground within the berm, often placed on the Northern side of the structure. Keeping the cistern higher than the water flow pipes also allows gravity to give water pressure without a pump when needed.  And yes, open facades or portals on all sides is possible , allowing egress and light to penetrate the structure from all sides, it just cost more than single South facing facades - but no worries - we can do it ! 

While there’s always more to any story, than can be written on 1 page, this gives the reader an introduction into the Georgia Adobe™ Home as a possibility for their use as residential and commercial requirements. It's certainly NOT the only way we can build for you but it's a great way. Let's discuss this when you call !

If you like this sort of  thing , look over and study the example drawings in our brochure page and throughout this web site as we add to it over time  , then check out our company Facebook Page if you wish & you are all welcome to "Like Follow or "friend" our Company’s Founder too, if you wish.

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