Thanks for your interest in Georgia Adobe
TM, and please do look over our web site pages http://www.georgiaadobe.com just to become more familiar with us.

If you have questions PLEASE CALL US 706-363-6453 as that emails and texts are not how we begin a conversation with those that need our services. Our office hours are Mon. - Fri 10 AM - 5 PM except during holidays.

Within Our Designs Of Building Construction we focus upon what we consider to be the 6 basic needs, that about every man and woman (the people) will need from their home, to live comfortably upon Mother Earth. The following BLUE LINKS open in a new page.

1] Affordable Shelter Built from less expensive local materials
A building that CAN actually heat & cool itself
A structure that CAN provide ample fresh water
A structure that CAN provide all the electricity and other energy supply, that the building may need
A building that CAN provide food production to supplement your diet
Waste disposal on site

We think of this all, as the normal needs from a home that all should expect, but many people don't and instead think it's all some radical idea. We came upon this as our basic plan, ( much as Architects do learning and modifying their plans ) all over a multi-year process, which was brought upon in part by, our founder Joe Woodall's Grandfather's teachings to young Joe, during the later 1960's, as Joe was growing up. Often daily, there were little lessons "Experiments they were called" with the basic elements or materials, of Red Clay (and sand, sometimes making bricks fired and un-fired called:"Adobes") and crafting Rammed Earth with forms of many things traditional logs, and lumber and recycled materials like used tires ( picked up by the SR. Mr. Woodall's Garbage Co.) then forming some walls with Earth Sheltering, all with local, natural and up to 80% Recycled Materials for the garbage, most times always using free materials, as the SR. MR. Woodall owner of a garbage company was able to keep all the good materials he picked up, then  showed Young Joe Woodall what to do with them. Additionally, when traveling to historic construction locations in Virginia, the Carolina's and in Georgia's countryside (some built by the US Federal Government's "C.C.C." Civilian Conservation Corp.) where used tires were hand packed with clay's , sand and gravel, for things such as new Bridge Embankments, built back in the 1930's.

These historic methods and materials are what Young Joe Woodall grew up building, many of his childhood forts from and is now how he designs Georgia Adobe HomesTM from too and they are still very much apart, of all the combinations of our normal primary building plans today, but some conventional materials (lime and Portland cement) can and should substituted for a portion of unconventional materials as well, when available and/or are required, (but these unconventional methods and materials are GREAT options, that can save you the owner builder, a lot of money) and these often free materials have special methods of construction too, that are required for their use, including in attachments etc., in order for anyone, to get the right results from them, (this is part of what has been learned by our company's founder, over the last 54+ years and why we offer training in monthly warm weather seminars - the University Page on this site for that info). All this that we now employ for our clients to learn how we design most of our structures. For most all the construction plans we sell, in an attempt, to gain savings for the client and gain energy through high amounts of insulated thermal mass, inside a building and so the building can operate off-grid affordably the training is a must .

When this building technique becomes coupled with the Earth sheltering the mean Earth temperature (at least here in Georgia is 55 to 58 degrees at 5 feet down below the surface), and this Earth sheltering coverage upon the  N, E, & W. walls, plus Earth walls floors and more inside holding energy, with a passive or active solar system & ventilation system,  just so as to gain as much daytime free energy as possible or to let it out when needed, most times we can design a structure, with an environment by design, that heats and cools itself, or at least close to that goal year round. 

​What we do is 'really unique', and these are our own designs, and of course this is all due to the education we've received from building for over 54+ years and what is brought to the world by great pioneers from everywhere in the world when they share their knowledge with humanity across Earth. Our Earthen construction methods are really just practical knowledge, that about anyone could learn over time and effort if they have an ability to adapt the structure to the area they want to dwell in, so these methods work, almost everywhere men live.

We feel If a building looks sub-standard, because of less expensive materials usage, no one will want to dwell there in, so we specialize in buildings that can use those free materials, but look conventionally and always are correctly built, and be able blend into any location, sub-division etc., &/or be as unique as our client desires, all without looking like garbage was used to build the building.

We protect our clients by not keeping photos of their job sites where anyone can see them,  nor do we display any of this information publicly, relying upon our memory, and oral traditions for our conversations, and drawings. This is partially as our founder is a Cherokee Indian, and he does as Indian people have done for all of history [at least before the modern age].  We will not trade upon your name nor project, unless you request specifically, that we include your project in our public information. This protects both the innocent and others as well.

We design buildings, equipment,  energy and fuel systems, solar and ventilation systems, management systems to operate energy systems for community's, we design rainwater and snow melt capture systems, combined with a proper water triple filter systems, plus a UV light source stabilization, for a more complete sanitation of the rainwater and many say this water purification process provides a more pure water, than any bottled water that one can buy and we design greywater reuse systems, and commercial facilities too, all that can employ at least some of these systems too , but unless the project [homes and/or commercial projects alike] are in the 2 million dollar+ level, we currently do not personally come out and actually build the projects for our clients. This is due to the cost of moving men and equipment and housing them for a projects duration to completion, etc. We suggest lesser dollar cost projects, all be owner built or at least overseen by the homeowner after enough training by our company, in just how to do all this yourself's and/or we can perhaps further assist you from our offices, through the many current high tech methods. If this is not for you, we understand. Find someone that would like to do it for you and we will train them and who knows, perhaps they may someday, become a certified Georgia Adobe
TM builder of our projects too. 

Either way, Georgia Adobe HomesTM systems, can work as a stand alone system, when properly designed and built.

All these design elements noted above, when coupled with both a multi fuel, power and food production process in the structure, and upon the land can, make for a series of elements that keep the building about totally self sustainable. This in a nutshell, is our goal for all the building projects, that our firm works upon ( we try to keep it to 6 per year ) and even though our company is not licensed by any corporate government to do this work, we work daily and have since 2007 as Georgia Adobe
TM, as a designers consultants, equipment brokers, and designers for many green construction projects and energy system designs and when possible in all the 50 un-incorporated united states and, we work as educators too, to teach this process to those that want to build for themselves. For construction training, we offer seminars here at Commerce GA. where Joe Woodall always has a personal project or two going on to train at and our company can do these seminars also at another building site too (at your's perhaps) , as all is fee based upon our costs, and depending upon the conditions and your needs required. 

Architecture is multifaceted work that we enjoy, and this can include many things, from selection of the land that’s right for the client and the structure, to the buildings design, to all the buildings needs including some special furniture, and their supply systems too, and even the gardens, the utilities of water, power and sewage disposal, plus other needed systems for that structure, like security and management systems for commercial clients and even buildings with blast protection from 'storms or worse conditions',  to landscape designs, entrance ways, flower and tour gardens and even lighted gardens with architectural metals, and all specially designed just for our clients and then sometimes made by a sub-contractor and then delivered and installed in that specialized home by our client or others as needed. 

For most of the public we work with, they just want a simple design and a simple how to guide, with some phone call time to help them accomplish their projects basic construction work, so they can get into a paid for home quickly.  YES, WE DO THAT TOO !  It’s important to us, in those cases, to keep the structures size down to a rapidly manageable finish-able size, which may be only as little as 32 to 600 sq. feet living space. Then the client can later add on as affordable.


We design buildings,  we are not the building contractor, but we can for a fee as described below, effort to help you find some builders to assist you or help to train you, to do it yourself. We work as a design team, not as the actual builder. 

Our Travel time out of our offices, is THE MOST COSTLY generally based daily at $3,000 per day,  plus our expenses and transportation and lodgings costs and with all payment in advance for those projects.

Past the initial free meeting, on the phone to describe, 'just what we do and to learn what you need' (or this could be at our office noted below), we're glad to help. For hiring us see our Fee schedule below for our preliminary bubble plan type of design work, is based upon $250 per hour, with a two hour minimum when engaged upon a project.

 Telephone Conversations can be FREE AT FIRST OR as little as fee based at $125.00 per 1/2 hour as needed for more specialized meetings and these initial charges can be paid though our Pay Pal email account :  sales@georgiaadobe.com. Verification of these funds is required prior to the start and a scheduled appointment is then set for that phone call for a paid meeting, on the phone.

More complete House designs, from 32 to 2000 sq. designs,  require much more time and effort than the above bubble plans quick concept work, so for example for a two bedroom, 2000 sq. ft. home with a living room, dining room, kitchen, 3 closets, passive solar, passive ventilation, a solar gain Wintergarden™ - greenhouse style homes front and ten (10) total hours of work time on that project [ which includes the windows,& the door designs and quantity estimate, earth work estimate descriptions, cistern design and estimates for supply system, active solar design price estimates and sizing estimates for the projected needs and equipment package design estimates, any construction details needed ( foundation designs, walls designs, structure connections, etc )  so that most individuals familiar with conventional construction can perhaps build their home of Rammed Earth and some free salvaged materials, mostly for themselves ] ( AND without any electrical or plumbing plans) is currently priced at a minimum of $2,500 and no possible quotation of a maximum can be given, without more specific data on the structure. 

 If that plan development requires more time for more living spaces more than a 2,000 sq. ft. structure base or those plan needs are other specialized features including more bedrooms or other generalized spaces (billiard rooms, shooting rooms, pools, etc.) , this is priced at $1,250 per 1000 sq. ft. as a minimum per additional item fee, plus $250 per hour for design time, with any and all charged fees, currently only payable in US Federal Reserve Notes in advance of the project work, with additional charges past these paid in weekly blocks, due when estimated in writing, as the project progresses, past the above description. If Exclusions and error insurance is required for your project , you must pay for the cost of the insurance policy, that's covering that insurance, and this cost will vary with the project, and it's quoted on an individual basis, or those things are  not warranted at all and our company and employees are excluded for any liability of any errors or exclusions by signed agreement , in contracts with our clients prior to works start.

We will stop here and we are glad to speak with you on the phone about your plans (first time IS FOR FREE),  just to see if we can be of help to your project and thereafter as described above and we can always meet in person, at our company's retail store too ON THE WEEKENDS we're open to meet with the public on both Sat and Sun, at our RETAIL STORE & public office from 11 AM - 6 PM  and you are invited to speak to us there  and we talk to as many as 20,000 people a weekend there ! 

Here's that WEEKEND address:
5641 US-129, Pendergrass, GA 30567 
3rd Ave. East and at store #16, as we are there to speak openly as possible with the public, during that operations work.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and call if we can be of help ! PHONE 706-363-6453


Georgia Adobe™ Consultation Fees : 
* 30 MIN       $  125.         * 60 MINUTES  $250​. ​

To Protect Both The Innocent & Others As Well, All Client Information &/Or Any Of Their Actual Project Details

including those images are Kept Totally Confidential - No Exceptions,

But In A Private Meeting, We Can Always Show You Examples Of What Your Project Would Look Like And 

All The Details, Always Fully Answering All Of Your Questions


Begin your new project with a consultation of just 30 minutes on the phone to see how we can help you . 

Contact Georgia AdobeTM, so we can initiate our services for your new project.

Open also on Sat and Sun were we are at the Pendergrass Flea Market from 11 AM - 6 PM to meet with the public and

you are invited to speak to us there about general info.   PLEASE Make an appointment if you wish for actual project consultations. 

Here's the address:
5641 US-129, Pendergrass, GA 30567  office is INSIDE 3rd ave. East, at space #16 by the door.

Weekdays and weekends Dial 706-363-6453 
Weekdays Our hours are Mon. - Fri  10 AM - 5 PM ​for phone consultations Please leave a message your full name, location and phone number, if we miss your call and we will call you back ASAP !         
NOTICE: We do not text back and forth, except with clients that pay for this service !

​​​​2 NEW ARTICLES: 01-2024 
UNDERGROUND OR EARTH SHELTERED ? LEARN MORE HERE >  http://www.georgiaadobe.com/earth-sheltered-or-underground-.html

We get lots of random questions, like how do I start what can I build for X ECT. It's actually possible not to spend a lot of money, if you can do a couple things.

I have actually built 5500 square feet homes for under $30K (see our home page Photo for 1 example ) And built 7000 Square foot homes for under 36K that were all conventional materials homes, but they could have been built for a quarter of that , if the following were followed, and this is how we design Georgia Adobe Homes today.

1) Use the things you have starting with the Earth.
2) Locate free local materials as in tearing down buildings for the materials or trading horses as that old saying goes.
3)  Build only where you control that location, structure and design. AKA move away from government as they cost you tens of thousands more than is required.
4) Build only what you can pay for in cash, then build on later.
5) Educate yourself to construct things that you might have to buy, doors, windows, roofing. Sometimes from non conventional materials.
7) Locate deals on what you can't build and store them until needed.
8) Incorporate High amounts of insulated Thermal Mass into the structure so as regulate the temperature inside.
9) Earth Shelter the Structure, but do so on top of the high ground.
10) Have the home designed to heat and cool itself, make its power and utilities, including water, gas, handle waste onsite, recycle what can be reused & allow the building to have food production inside too.
11) Learn how to build passive solar, before you actually start.
12) Take conventional  construction methods off the table, through the design, so all you want becomes affordable.



GEORGIA ADOBE ECOITECTURE™ is seeking Independent Contractors with 10 person minimum professional construction crews, to come here and become trained in our methods of construction (at The University Of Georgia Adobe School Of Ecoitecture™ Commerce GA) and then go out, be the builder of our choice, to build our home or other designs for our clients. We get calls all the time, to go somewhere and build houses, farm structures, bomb shelters, Alcohol Fuel and other Energy Systems, commercial structures of all types, Ect.,  but need you to grow.

This could be the opportunity of your lifetime !

We do require a State Licensed General Contractor (W/Min 2 year degree) to lead your construction company's team of builders and you must have workmen's compensation, 2+ million dollars of general liability (that will also cover us as an also insured - as we're the the job generation company) and that the team attend seminar/class updates every two years, a complete background report of the heads of your company be provided and other conditions may apply, and, a yearly & job licensing fee is also required, for these positions.


Call to discuss all of this at :
706-363-6453 Before you do, Please send over your list of your accomplishments, number of years in business, and 3 business references of completed residential full home construction jobs and your contact info, your company website, and email this info to Sales@georgiaadobe.com


The Georgia Adobe™ Home Provides About Everything You Need:


2.) Heating And Cooling Freely From The Free Flywheel Effect Of  Insulated Thermal Mass & Ventilation

3.) Power Production  Solar, Wind, Generators, NIFE Batteries

4.) Water Production From Rainwater Capture, Containment And Filtering 

5.) Food Production From Our Trademarked Wintergarden™ 

6.) Built Inexpensively From Almost Free, Local And Recycled Materials 

7.) Greywater Recycling Making 4 Gallons Of Water Use From 1 Gallon 

8.) Full On Site Waste Water Handling 

9.) Fuels Production On Site 

The Georgia Adobe Home™ 
Is A Self Sustainable, Independent Modern Home, That Can Appear As You Desire, Blend Into Any Area Outside And Works For You Inexpensively, For Life.

Start your new project with a consultation of just 30 minutes on the phone to see how we can help you for just $125.  

Contact Georgia Adobe, so we can initiate our services for your new project. Dial 706-363-6453