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Joe Woodall [GAL4016]

Jennifer Woodall [GAL4017] 

It's About To Be Great Weather For A Outdoor Auction !
This Can Be Held At Your Location !

Auctions Bring Top Dollar For You,
They Bring In CA$H ON THE DAY OF SALE and
In GA. It's ALMOST Always, The Right Time Of Year To Do It ,
So Let's Start Planning And Advertising Your Auction Now !

Are You Moving ?
We Can Hold A Quick Auction Of Your Stuff -
At Your Place ( So You Don't Have To Move It),
You Can Get Top Dollar That Day For Your Things,
And Get You PAID IN CASH ~ That Day !!!

For More Details, Contact :
Col. Joe Woodall, Auctioneer GAL4016
pH 706-363-6453  OR EMAIL
Woodall Auction Company