ONE PART OF A HOME,  no one really likes to discuss is the sewage, but we all have to direct it somewhere, that does as little damage as possible, while it remaining apart, from our living areas. The septic tank is the logical location, for on site waste water disposal, and disposal is not all it could do. 

For example, waste develops heat, the earth is wonderful for absorbing that heat; if you've ever seen a snowfall around the home place, you may have noticed, heat rising and melting the snow, there over the septic tank. Some say they build small enclosed plant starting beds over their septic tanks, just because of that heat. The water effluent from the tank, when properly developed, will keep large water hungry trees going, even during a drought, and with the modern chamber system piping (a large 3 foot wide by 5 foot long half circle) can feed trees with water and nutrients . It's funny , but the human waste is exactly what plants need to grow. I guess we're a part of the landscape too? Energy crops such as cattails have been grown by utility sewage handling efforts, as the water is cleaned up nicely from those crops roots and then the roots can be distilled, just to make alcohol fuel for generators. There are lots of ways to use what you have and we strive to do this for each project. Contact us to help your municipal energy or smaller system.

The Greywater, flowing to the toilet is not a vast supply of water as in a Georgia AdobeTM Home the majority of the water is used at least 3 times inside before disposal. Kitchen water should go direct to the septic tank and it likely can't be cleaned enough to be reusable and toilet water is the same black water, but over all the Georgia AdobeTM has less effluent, than a conventional home does yearly, thus a smaller septic tank maybe used (if codes will allow) and this saves a lot of money, sometimes as much as $500 per tank. Only one septic tank is normally required for under 6 bedroom homes, 1,500 gallon tanks are about the largest residential tanks and 750 gallon are about the smallest produced today commercially. 

A tank can be build as it's just a two part concrete tank and we can help with the planning of that if needed, and we also can help with the cistern fresh water tank designs too. Outlaw tanks have been designed too, but if your'e under a municipal govt rule, that's not a good idea.

More on this subject later !

Call us to start your project, (1st phone conversation is free of charge)  no matter it's size we can likely help to some degree, but we only actually physically go out and build homes and buildings these days, when the project is  over 10,000 square feet and in the 2 million dollar PLUS project range, due to labor, labor movement costs and the costs of being away from our office. We are working to find qualified general contractors, to come to you, and as this is developed, that info will appear on our Brochure page.

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