Yes, WITH VENTILATED Green Space, grow lighting or better, large windows along the South side of a Georgia Adobe Home TM, or with an attached traditional greenhouse and even a hybrid structure with the Georgia Adobe HomesTM WintergardenTM , built as a part of the Southern Facade, as one of these additions to the building, can provide you with a lot of food. Bee's are needed for some crops, as cross pollination by insects is a must and easiest, but for tomato's, and a few other leafy crops, they are self-pollinating, when it's under about -89 degrees F.   Squash and many other similar crops, can be paint brush pollinated, to get a good germination and through various methods you can do it !

The water comes from your cistern, to your hand wash sinks, washing machine, or bathroom shower or tub, etc. and as long as that's not contaminated with oil or oil products and/or pesticides and that "GREYWATER", is reusable and many times, before final disposal. We like 4 times, such as

Fresh water use

#1 hand sink, then

#2 use water to the plants, then

#3 flush to toilet (filtering in between suggested) Then

#4 out to the septic tank, which waters the landscape trees etc. With the plumbing arranged to allow this (covered further on the next page) an effortless flow of Greywater can be captured , filtered again and again, then used in toilet flushing, so the number of uses is not limited to 4 times.


Another greater benefit is the heat, this can stay in a double glassed WintergardenTM  as in front and back walls are glassed, with Transom's to allow heat or cool to exchange between the living space and the WintergardenTM and the out of doors, will give another  dimension to attaining heat exchange and keep your food close, year round. Also, when built large enough, plus with leafy plants at the front, a cooling effect can be helpful to the homes interior and other lower plants in Summer.

More on this later !