The Georgia Adobe Ecoitecture™ Home, is the #1 ecologically self-sustainable, independent design & construction company on the planet ! We are far beyond "LEED" construction and from our buildings to our systems, you can trust Georgia Adobe™ to bring the best A Team in this industry to your project ! As such the  Georgia Adobe™ earth sheltered structure provides about everything one will need to live freely in this modern age, without giving up style and quality. We build castles not shacks, and we invite you to discuss your project with us to see how we can be of service to your project. When you are ready to build call Georgia Adobe TM !


1.) Georgia Adobe Homes™ can be designed to be built from free earth & other local natural and low cost materials also be earth sheltered & can be totally self sustainable and off grid 

2.) Georgia Adobe Homes™ can be passive solar &/or active solar power producers, fully capable of on or off grid life 24/7/365.

3.) Georgia Adob Homes™ can built from real locally sourced insulated rammed earth.

4.) Georgia Adobe™ Homes can be built from free & natural materials up to 80%

5.) Georgia Adobe's™ can heat & cool themselves without electricity 

6.) Georgia Adobe's™ can capture rainwater then filter &/or make that water potable for all uses

7.) Georgia Adobe Homes™ can normally operate without public utility bills 

8.) Georgia Adobe Homes™ can convert 1 gal of fresh water into 4 
 gallons of usable water by way of a greywater system

9.) Georgia Adobe Homes™ can grow ample fresh food inside & outside themselves

10.) Georgia Adobe Homes™ can cost the DIYer about 25% of conventional home construction

11) Georgia Adobe's™ Systems and Facilities can make electricity and the fuel for transportation and off or on grid equipment operation
The Georgia Adobe Home™ is a self sustainable, independent modern home, that can appear outside as you desire, blend into any area outside and works for you inexpensively, for life.

If you're building a new, or just remodeling any structure including a residential, commercial, agricultural industrial or retail structure, the Georgia Adobe building plan works in that situation, so call us first.  Do you need off grid equipment, and or producer fuel systems designed and/or the entire facilities crafted ? Call Georgia Adobe. 

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When you are ready to start your project, please contact Georgia Adobe™ for a consultation to see how we can help you .



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