The Georgia Adobe™ Home

Provides Everything One Needs:

Georgia Adobe Homes™ Provide Everything You Need To Live Comfortably About Anywhere :

1.) Georgia Adobe Homes™
Are Designed To Be Built Earth sheltered & Totally Self Sustainable 

2.) Georgia Adobe™ Homes Are Passive Solar & Active Solar Power Producers Capable Of On Or Off Grid Life 24/7/365

3.) Georgia Adobe™ Homes Are Built From Insulated Rammed Earth

4.) Georgia Adobe™ Homes Are Built From Free & Natural Materials Up To 80%

5.) Georgia Adobe's™ Heat & Cool Themselves

6.) Georgia Adobe's™ Capture Rainwater Filter & Make It Potable For All Uses

7.) Georgia Adobe Homes™ Have -0- Utility Bills 

8.) Georgia Adobe™ Homes Can Convert 1 Gal Of Fresh Water Into 4 
 Gallons Of Usable Water By Way Of A Greywater System

9.) Georgia Adobe Homes™ Grow Food Inside & Outside Themselves

10.) Georgia Adobe™ Homes Can Cost About 25% of Conventional Construction

11) Georgia Adobe's™ Can Make Fuel For Transportation And Equipment Operation

The Georgia Adobe Home™ 
Is A Self Sustainable, Independent Modern Home, That Can Appear As You Desire, Blend Into Any Area Outside And Works For You Inexpensively, For Life.

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