A Georgia Adobe Home™ is not underground, but Earth Sheltered, this is so it can heat and cool itself, make it's own power, water , food and be build from basically free materials and generally be paid for the day one moves in.. The Georgia Adobe Ecoitecture Home™, is the #1 ecologically self-sustainable, 

independent design & construction company on the planet ! From our building designs to our systems. We believe our product

is far beyond any simple "LEED" construction standard designs and you can trust Georgia Adobe™ to always bring our best consultation team,

to your project !   Georgia Adobe's™ earth sheltered structures provide about everything one will need to live freely, in this modern age,

without giving up style and quality or modern comforts. 

We generally build design personal sized castles, and we invite you to discuss your project with us free of charge for the first consultation,

to see how we can be of service to you and your project, when you are ready to build dial us at 706-363-6453. Office hours are M-F 10 AM-5 PM 

We all need 6 basic things from our homes:

Affordable Shelter,  Heat/Cool affordably , ample Water, Electricity on demand , Food, to eat and liquid Waste Disposal.

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Affordable Housing & Shelter
What makes a house or shelter affordable ? Here, we a few thoughts as to what it is and where it should be .

Heating & Cooling

Georgia Adobe Homes™ are built from high amounts of free thermal mass, thus can be built affordably, from locally sourced earth (perhaps from the property you own), 
which becomes an insulated rammed earth, packed in permanent forms, combined with other local, natural and 
low cost materials, making for a very strong building, able to withstand most all kinds of weather, at a dirt cheap price compared to conventional construction cost.

 Georgia Adobe Homes™ can heat & cool themselves without electricity (a 45 - 50% electricity savings per DOE US estimates)
 through passive solar and passive ventilation alone (they can maintain about 70 degrees through this process), which can create
almost a totally self sustainable, on or off grid - 24/7/365 home. Through on site electric power generation
normally the structure will operate electrically, without public utility connections more affordably than conventional construction does, due to the above. 

Fresh Water
Georgia Adobe's™ can capture rainwater (620 US gal. per 1000 sq. ft. of roof), then filter it &/or make that water potable and can convert 
1 gal of fresh water after a 1st use, over into 4 gallons of usable water by way of a greywater system, (for things such as watering the 
gardens, or toilet flushing)  thus no need for public water, [if your building site gets 8+ inches 
of rainfall yearly] and a large enough collection/storage surface system is added.

Georgia Adobe's™ are as a machine functions with the objective towards storage or make what what energy is required and this includes electric power.  
This is why Georgia Adobe's™  heat and cool themselves. Electricity requires systems, such as batteries, chargers, etc.  such as solar PV or generators
inverters controllers and more, and these systems are smaller on Georgia Adobe's™,  because of the energy storage into the thermal mass of the buildings envelop.
This ensures money is not wasted by oversizing an energy system.

Food Production
South facing Northern Hemisphere structures will capture sunlight that warms the interior enough to not need 
heat systems. This can also heat a green space that we call our Wintergarden™. Herein, one can grow
a large percentage of their food including vegetables and fish with the fresh and greywater. 

Waste Disposal
 Georgia Adobe's™ have plumbing that functions conventionally and thereby handles all liquid wastes on site 
through septic systems and mostly conventional plumbing, with just a few additions to process the greywater..

With all basic needs met by The Georgia Adobe Home™ an easier life style comes, to the owner. with a self sustainable and independent modern home,

that can appear outside as you desire, allowing it to basically blend into any area outside and it works for the owner inexpensively, for life. When built per our plans and

instructions, it can be a paid for home from day one as well. If you're building a new, or just remodeling any structure including  

residential, commercial, agricultural industrial or retail structure, the Georgia Adobe building system, works in that situation too. 

So call us first and that's always free, for the 1st phone consultation, to see how we can help you !
Do you need off grid equipment, and or producer fuel systems designed and/or the entire facilities crafted ?

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